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Going with national road around Świebodzina we are travelling to Międzyrzecz through Gościkowo, where for our eyes an interesting architectural object is being portrayed - a lock would be given. 
We stopped and surprise. 
Our senses were started with ” pair full of „, rather (with otherwise a familiar smell) with mists from neighbouring this object of the distillery. 
A lock wasn't this object and refurnished historic pocysterski unite monastic in Gościkowie - Paradyżu.  The history of the object dates back to the XIII century when the order of Cistercian monks founded the Monastery of the NMP Assumption here and when village Gościkowo received the Paradius Matros Dei name (Paradise of the Mother of God), later polonized to Paradyż. Image showing the Poznań Bronisza provincial governor giving to a Cistercian abbot foundation doument.  On the document an inscription who in the translation sounds is seen: if somebody will dare to infringe our gift, oh, all right condemned with the Judas with traitor of you for centuries in the hell. In the top of the image an emblem of the abbey and a ribbon were seen with the inscription: Eminent Mr Mikołaj you are defending comes on Gościkowie with my Dionizy I took, he funded Paradyz of Anno Domini 1234.
Image of the Mother of God with the Baby.  In a picture Latin inscriptions were put. Contents of one of them - Mother of God remember about me, ornament Paradyża pray behind us.
The image gained the name of the Mother of God for Paradyska and for centuries they went on a pilgrimage to it faithful from the Greater Poland and Silesia.
The second partition of Poland in 1793 r, and including the abbey into borders of the Prussian state, precipitated the collapse of the monastery.  In 1796 r. the Prussian government decided on seized land to seize the Crown lands for the treasury and clerical. After 600 years from the time of the foundation, Cistercian monks were forced to leave their abbey to whom they never again returned. The history of the object was very tumultuous.  In years 1836 - 1926 was found here Royal (Prussian) Teaching Seminar, in years 1922 - 1939 German National secondary school, in times of the II world war the unit of the teacher education and magazines Luftwaffe. In February 1945 r. Paradyż an armaments magazine occupied by Soviet armies whom they organised here remained. After leaving buildings by Soviet armies, a Citizen's Militia, the name of police force functioning in the People's Republic of Poland occupied them.  In August 1945 r. the former abbey was handed over to Fathers for Salesians. From 1952 here a Higher seminary is in Gościkowie-Paradyżu In 1966 r. almost precisely in 200 years since in the XVIII century paradyscy Cistercian monks conducted thorough „ ” barokizację of the church and the monastery, works on restoring the Gothic style of the inside of the church were taken up. Brick Gothic elements were cleaned, ribs on vaults of naves.  Insides harmonized emphasized Gothic details with the renovated baroque altar and other elements.
For a year a next renovation of the church and the monastery lasts 2005 co-finance by the EU. Also delightful and miraculously sounding organs were renovated. The two-tier altar is crowned with the unusually richly ornamented baldachin, with showing sculptures of saint figures.  All over sides of the image with the NMP Assumption characters presenting on the left were put saint: of Piotr, Great Grzegorz and the Augustine, however from right - saint: of Paweł, Ambroży and Hieronim. In the top of the altar, all over sides of the image from św. with Marcin, smaller figures were put saint, on the left: św. Benedicta from Nursji and św. of Wojciech, and to the right św. of Bernard from Clairvaux and św. Stanisława. Touring the object is possible with the guide and we assure, around it is worthwhile stopping and examining the Church as well as objects of the seminar and adjoining gardens this way. To leave the time leaving the gate of the monastery in the memory good memories around the Paradyża, i.e. „ of the Paradise of the ” Mother of God

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wkraj użytkownik wkraj(posts:125) dodano 01.01.2010 22:36

Podziwiam za zdjęcia wnętrz, cała galeria wysokiej jakości

mih83 użytkownik mih83(posts:5) dodano 29.07.2009 19:02

No powiem , że oko masz:) To są moje rodzinne strony gdzie bywałem setki razy a Ty uchwyciłeś to co jest najciekawsze. Jest tam wiele innych ciekawych miejsc jak choćby katakumby , ale żeby tam wejść to trzeba mieć chody. Powiem nie skromnie, widziałem;) Szkoda ,że tak mało zdjęć ale i tak daje 10 za całokształt galerii.

maniana użytkownik maniana(posts:251) dodano 03.06.2009 22:22

Macie rację D i L, Paradyż to Raj - dla oczu, dla duszy no i dla uszu. Rokrocznie od 2003 roku odbywa się tu doskonały festiwal pod nazwą Muzyka w Raju.

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