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The Assisi rendered św famous. Franciszek (Giovanni Bernardone) who here was born in 1181 of year.  These are the most important saint Italian and the founder the largest in the most world (counting all sorts factions) of order. We will slowly approach the old urban gate. Works at construction of the św Basilica. Francis were begun in 1228 r., only in two years after death Saint.  It is two-level basilica with the crypt. The bottom basilica was finished in 1230 r. and św was hidden in it. Francis. A surrounded courtyard is preceding the basilica by galleries built in the XV century. He is leading the double portal to the bottom church from the second-half of the XIII age.  Above the nice decorated door an inscription is seen: „ plenary indulgence every day forever ” at the bottom church is the Most important place leading descent to the crypt in whom the Chapel of the św Grave is situated. Francis. Window with stained glass.
Courtyard of the monastery of the IV Sixtus The upper church was left built from the white stone in the Gothic style.  His interior is decorating the wonderful portal and the cycle of murals in 28 images showing Saint Franciszek's life. Giotto is an author, who with insults rendered this space for the entire world famous. Fragment of the portal of the upper church. Decorative rosette. Lamb - symbol of one of Evangelists.
The basilica was built on the Infernal Hill (the name of the peak is connected with death sentences carried out on it).  Day after the św canonization. Francis, in day 17 of July 1228, the Pope IX Grzegorz devoted the site and he changed the name of the hill of the Heavenly Hill. The six thousandth city is stretching out on the west Subasio side of a mountain (1290 n.p.m m.). With old small streets who are surrounded with stone tenements we are going to the city centre. As can be seen św. Franciszek is present everywhere.
Compulsory stop for admiring the panorama of surroundings of the Assisi. We will slowly approach the Town hall Square (Piazza Comune del), whom the town hall is sticking up on (Palazzo deand Priori) - registered office of the administration department. A today's market is an ancient Roman forum.  A tower sticking up is Torre Popolo del, with the Laudatory Bell whom he has dug text from „ with Praise of the ” Creature A temple of Minerva dates from the Roman period, at present Santa church Maria sopra Minerva.  From the ancient temple only a facade stayed in the Corinthian order. The Town hall square is surrounded with old buildings. It is possible here to stop for a moment so that rest and drink the delicious cappuccino.
Some really colourful animal crept out for sure:) Every backstreet of this city is hiding history in itself. Fragment of the fountain from 1762. Old walls and flowers - fine connection. Św cathedral. Rufina (San Rufino) - beautiful Romanesque church from the XII century.  His facade is enchanting in its simplicity and simultaneously fine workmanship. There is a wheel in the tympanum of the main portal, and in it a triumphing Christ is portrayed.  Apart from the wheel figures of the breastfeeding Mother of God and św were put. Rufina.
Three standing strongmen on animals are trying to support the rosette. Two big birds constitute the ornament of the tympanum above the right portal. Still a few details with animals. View on San Rufino from a little bit of other perspective. In the Santa Chiara square Saint Klara's church is located.  The temple was built on the area of the previous San Giorgio church, in whom it was Saint Franciszek's placed body from the moment of his death all the way to the moment of moving to the large Basilica. Richly ornamented rosette of the św Church. Klaras.
View on the old town. On Piazza Chiesa Nuova a church is standing (about the same name) in the Renaissance style with the beautiful dome.  Here Saint Franciszek's family house was situated. Monument to św parents. Francis.  Father, Pietro Bernardone was a well-off cloth merchant. His mother, he is beeping, she came from the Picardie. Fragment of the inside of the church. A castle of Rocco Maggiore is towering over the entire city. A current appearance is remains from the fortress from the XIV century.
From walls of the fortress fine views on surroundings stretch.  Unfortunately, I've run short of time in order to check it personally. Near Saint Klara's Basilica on Piazza Vescovado del (Square of the Bishopric) an Episcopal Palace and a Santa basilica are situated Maria Maggiore. View a little bit from the back to the św church. Klaras. Postages Novelties - one of gates of the Assisi. Santa degli Angela's Maria (Basilica of the Angelic Mother of God) - church above the church.  She was left built above the little small church originating from the X century with named Porcjunkula (Molecule) In it is it Saint Franciszek began his studies and by her he died.  Before in these surroundings forest grew, and the small church was a chapel.
The figurine of the Angelic Mother of God of ormolu was put on the top of the facade during the resulting reconstruction with earthquake in 1923. A Rose Garden is situated at a basilica - in it bushes of roses devoid of spikes grow.  According to the curriculum vitae saint, are these are growing roses of the cell already in his lifetime in the vicinity occupied by him. Not wanting Francises to succumb to temptation to abandon the chosen style of living rushed in not. In this moment roses lost spikes still they grow up till today.

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tom użytkownik tom(posts:125) dodano 03.12.2009 15:06

jak jechałem z wycieczką do Asyżu myślałem sobie, że znowu będziemy oglądać kościoły itp. jednak po zobaczeniu kościoła a później miasta oniemiałem. fajnie przedstawione w Twojej galerii. pozdrawiam

glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:738) dodano 06.06.2009 17:57

Miasto moje ukochane.:-)

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 06.06.2009 08:46

A ja napiszę za Gabrielem :-)))

gabriel użytkownik gabriel(posts:42) - User deleted dodano 02.06.2009 21:38

Napisze jak Borek,bylem w Asyżu,piekne miasto,
Lubie te klimaty i dzieki za odświeżenie pamieci.

beem użytkownik beem(posts:182) dodano 01.06.2009 09:42

Bardzo lubię takie klimaty... mówią wieki...

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 31.05.2009 21:29

Pięknie ukazana galeria - Gratuluje !

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