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Jamaica greeted us with the password yeah problem.  Jaman .
And so there are just Jamaicans. They live for themselves slowly in mists of the saint herb. Dives from cliffs. Jumps would be more spectacular Jamaicans are building wooden platforms on trees growing by the edge of cliffs. For 15 dollars they are risking the life. Not only tourists are watching jumps.  It is also entertainment for the local population Spectacular, but also very dangerous jump
On the right-hand side one can see landings built for less expert jumpers. Jumps in duets Moment of concentrating before the jump.  Extensive knowledge of rocks and waters won't be enough. The jump would be excellent one should also take the direction of the wind into consideration. A moment's inattention is threatening with the disability or the death. Jumpers with the unprecedented efficiency are going rock climbing leaving water. Young neophytes of jumps from rocks. Shipwreck near the edge.
Rasta producing the small handicraft.  Crown on the head covered with the traditional beret. Let us smoke at Black River. We are boarding the boat and we are swimming to the meeting with the wildlife. The first meeting with the crocodile. Second with the white bird.  They are sitting crowns of trees down at and they look then as sprinkled with white flowers.
Luxuriant green is making breathing difficult. Picturesque mangroves. Lianas. We are meeting the fisherman.   The poaching is universal.
The wide-stretching tree greeted us on the road to waterfalls. Here and they - waterfalls. He is green, warmly and muggy. Local guides are carrying willing along water footpaths familiar to oneself and are showing places, from whom it is possible safely to jump into the water. We are deciding to cool in icy water ourselves.
Youngest in the work. Factory of the most famous Jamaican Appleton rum. The juice of the sugar cane is being squeezed in the same way as hundreds of years ago with the help of the juice extractor driven with the manpower and animals, in this case of donkey. Resting kegs of the rum. 
The stalest rum the kind is resting till 22 years. On Jamaica a building development of the type is dominating news-stand or of home-grown summerhouses in the style known for us.
Houses are most often painted to green and blue colours. Jamaicans are musical very much.  The reggae music is omnipresent.
Very beautiful beaches with white sand, light blue water, stains and the wistful sung music live caused, that a sadness of the tropics had seized us. Jamaicans very much are opened.  Willingly they are getting in touch. Here musician with one's instrument on whom he is sitting and is playing. Mountainous Jamaica.  Houses poukrywane in forests on hills. Raggae isn't only muzyka..
Selling goods directly from a car.

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sanderka98 użytkownik sanderka98(posts:1) dodano 09.05.2019 16:32

naprawdę w Jamajce jest tak pięknie jak na zdjęciach jest pokazane ? :)

muzelea użytkownik muzelea(posts:167) dodano 16.11.2013 10:48

niesamowite są te drzewa :)

sister_moon użytkownik sister_moon(posts:28) dodano 25.05.2011 20:47

yeah! Rasta! :) super galeria, aż gdzieś tam w trakcie jej oglądania zaczęłam sobie podśpiewywać reggae ;) skoki do wody :O nie wiedziałam, że mają takie... hm... hobby? pozdrawiam :)

dawiddrozd użytkownik dawiddrozd(posts:232) dodano 31.05.2009 23:33

Jah Rastafari!!!
To lubię, świetne klimaty :-)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 31.05.2009 22:21

oglądając te zdjęcia można posłuchać muzyki z tej strony:
i już czujemy się jak byśmy tam byli i rum pili ;)

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 31.05.2009 20:10

W Acapulco widziałam podobne skoki do wody ze Skał La Quebrada - tylko początek oglądałam, potem już tylko zamykałam oczy. Za kilka dolarów tak wielkie ryzyko - choć wiem, że dla nich to majątek. Ciekawa galeria.

atropacz użytkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 31.05.2009 16:50

Lubię Twoje galerie. Fajnie kadrujesz.

baudolino użytkownik baudolino(posts:13) dodano 30.05.2009 23:57

szczegółowe opisy zamieszczę jutro, bo dziś już low energy access

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