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Bethlehem is included in a Palestinian Autonomy.  The city is surrounded from every side by guards of the Israeli army, and checkpoints are on routes. Main road, leading toward Jerusalem, is closed on suburb, in the area of the Racheli tomb. Palestinians don't have the admission here, as well as Israelis don't have the free admission to the city. All restrictions in the move were implemented from the safety reason.  All move is permitted exclusively with the help of special sluice gates whom it is possible to get at Israeli authorities of servicemen.
    Periodically facilitation in the movement of arriving tourists to Bethlehem is being implemented.
Wall surrounding the city Checkpoint between Izraelam and the Zone of the Gaza and again wall Panorama of the city
Streets Bethlehem Mosque in poblżu of the basilica of the Nativity Basilica of the Nativity 
Built above the cave, regarded as the place of the birth of the Jesus, the church is one of the oldest Christian temples, whom services are being celebrated in. Primitive church, raised in IV in. by Constantine's emperor, much was rebuilt about 530 r. through Justyniana.
The Justynian emperor was going here to create the church who will dim all other, including churches of Jerusalem.  Apart from the repeatedly replaced roof and the floor, the fundamental structure of the Justyniana project survived to today. 6 June 1099 r. crusaders took over the church. Here they caused the coronation of their kings, and in years 1165 - 1169 restored the building, renovating decorations of interiors and replacing the roof. Too Arabs took Saladyna times back oneself to the church with the adequate respect. After defeating the Egyptian sultan through Mameluków in XIII in. a long stretch of desecrating and neglecting the temple started. Occasional repairs =, pillaging, earthquake in 1834 r. and fire in 1869 r. whom the decor of the cave destroyed - everything played it gloomy and destroying role. The basilica is under the care of the Greek-Catholic church and only in such a rite 
there services are being celebrated
Entry to the Cave of giving birth The basilica of the Nativity of the star is alleged place of the birth of the Christ Św church. Katarzynas built by Catholics by the basilica 
Of Lordly giving birth Inside of the Św Church. Katarzynas Stained glass

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...tak tylko pytam...i pozdrawiam...

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ojej....a dlaczego nie ma ludzi...

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dzięki, pozdrawiam

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kosi, idź do klatki.

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Faktycznie skromnie tu:/ Pozdrawiam

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20 zdjec i nazywasz to galeria?komu chcesz zaimponowac??

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Długo mi zajęło, żeby to wymyslic......

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wow !!! co za wyszukana riposta :)))))

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Super fotka dwudziesta pierwsza!

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Popraw mylny komentarz pod zdjęciem 4.

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Szkoda że tak mało tych zdjęć ... pozdrawiam

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oczywiście !!! zmieniłem w opisie.pozdrawiam

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 24.05.2009 21:42

Miejsce oznaczone gwiazdą, uznawane jest za miejsce narodzin Chrystusa. Nie jest jednak tożsame z miejscem, gdzie miał stać żłobek. Kaplica żłobka znajduje się kilka metrów dalej.

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