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In transit we are going through the sizeable landscape park from the end of the 19th century to the palace. The park has areas 3.4 ha.  M.in grows in it oak about the circumference of 400 cm and the white pine, having the circumference of 240 cm and an interesting specimen of the purple beech. It is a place about the unusual atmosphere, perfect for rest, organising the conference and the organization of different occasional parties. Palace Baborówko was built in the eclectic style with Art Nouveau elements in the end XIX in.  Four spacious and stylish luxury apartments are located in it. In the annexe and farm buildings additionally twenty accommodation places are in guest rooms. The Baborówko offers the palace accommodation in four spacious, stylishly decorated luxury apartments with bathrooms.  Each of them has other climate - rose, hunting, rattan and palace - and their style is referring to the tradition. A possibility of adding the additional bed exists in every luxury apartment. Meals are being served in the elegant dining room furniture for individual orders.  Our guests can use the café corner, where at any time and at any time of the day it is possible to prepare the coffee or the tea for itself
They are located in a palace annexe and farm buildings: 
farm tourism rooms offering 20 accommodation places; kitchen, in whom it is possible independently to prepare meals; the television living room and bathrooms. The palace kitchen is preparing meals for individual orders of guests.  He is famous for Great Poland traditional dishes who are being prepared on the spot from fresh and healthy elements. In the vicinity the Palace is being found little small garden, where without using artificial fertilizers and the insecticide we are planting vegetables, fruits and herbs for the purposes of our kitchen and our guests. The palace is organising the joint meeting of employees at the bonfire.  It is the form straightest, though not deprived of the charm of spending the afternoon together and the good way to strengthen are holding prisoner and integration of participants. During the company bonfire it is assured: preparing the bonfire + of grates; access to the historic barn 
dance music (or band); rollbar; 
menu according to the individual order (e.g. kiebłaski, black pudding from the grate, bread, the coffee and the tea, juices, mineral water, beer).
A company picnic is a free time together spent on the noncommittal meeting in the loose atmosphere.  Invited guests have the chance to participate in games, competitions and revelling and opportunity to integration and the mutual cognition oneself. For you an experienced master of ceremonies will run the party and all games and competitions. They while lasting the picnic propose guests: 
horse rides of instructors for children and adults under the eye experienced; 
dance music (or band); games of different kind and fitness, both individual and team competitions: tug-of-war - principles familiar to everyone;
shared skis - the team has for defeating certain segment on skis shared on czas... ... race in sacks - competition on time; 
gladiators - two teams are fighting against themselves with the use of special swords and maces (of course completely safe); race on crutches - participants will have the segment for defeating on crutches (c 60 cm of the height)... ... shooting a bow at the shield - here the team can score valuable points indeed needed in order to win; throwing at the target (horseshoe, javelin) 
kubb, i.e. something like leaders of skittles 
and many other games.
Time already to leave.  Turning right we will pursue the Polish State Railways to the station, and left - on parkur.

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