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The age of the oldest Wezuwiusza rocks is determined on c 200 tys. of years.  The most from the explosion who took place 24 August 79 is known r., whom cities were left destroyed in: Pompeje, Herkulanum and Stabie. The last big explosion was taken note dn. 13 March 1944 r. View on the volcano from Herkulanum. Road for the peak of the volcano and views in the time of the walk for Naples Inside of the crater.
In places one can see a little smoke. View on the Naples bay (noon part) and again we are looking into the crater. Inhabitant volcanoes (I don't think so only;))

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justyska88 użytkownik justyska88(posts:4) dodano 22.12.2010 23:34

ten widok podczas wędrówki na Neapol zapewne dech w piersi zapierał :) cudowne widoki.

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