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Amsterdam- one around coffee of shopóws. Amsterdam- of the museum of waxworks. Amsterdam- the main station. Amsterdam- schipol airport. Athens- view from the Acropolis on the city. Athens- Greek army.
Partenon Athens-.  Dzwig and scaffoldings were painted up to the colour of ruins. Berlin- gate between the east and the west.  Of course not today. Berlin Berlin- reichstag Berlin- wall behind the fence.  The last kept stretch. Piccadilli London- circus
London- royal stables London- in the background widac London eye Madrid- at the station Atocha in exotic surrounding the main hall, turtle are swimming Madrid- on plaza de the toros is large arena on whom the corrida is held Puerta Madrid- de Europe Madrid- coat of arms of Madrid
Madrid- not far from Madrid is park of entertainment of a film studio Bros Warner.  Excellent space for children and adults. Madrid- Bros Warner.  Flow Rio bravo. Paris- policemen on rolls of beside entering Louvre. Paris- skating rink on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Paris- mr. Eiffla waxwork at the very top of tower. Grande Arche Paris-
Rome Rome- Vatican.  Grave of Jan of II Paweł. Rome- Vatican, saint Piotr's square. Rome- Spanish stairs. Rome- Di Trevi fountain. Rome- Di Trevi fountain.

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