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A Baborówko is a village in Poland put in the Great Poland province, in the district szamotulskim, at the local government Szamotuły.  27 km is from Poznań and 4 kilometres from Szamotuły. The stud of horses and the Horse riding Centre in the Baborówku provides with additional attractions and the possibility of active spending the leisure time. Of centre Horse riding is inviting everyone to the theory of the horse riding about the split level of the progress and for sports trainings. For experienced riders rides are offered in the field, the motocross and a few opened squares with the set of obstacles. Also a boarding house is being constructed for horses who offers you comfortable conditions for horses and riders - big boxes, bright stables and the professional care above animals. the Horse riding middle is conducting breeding of horses of the Great Poland race based on elite mares coming from the Stud of Posadowo Horses.  Apart from the Centre in Baborówku, the farm is located in a household Pakosław, with Posadowo singled out from the Stud of Horses. There are about 20 farm mares and young people and foals currently in breeding.
By the Centre a Horse riding Association operates Baborówko who is registered with the Polish Jockey Club. The horse trial is a permanent element of the calendar of parties organised at the Horse riding Centre Palace Baborówko.  First in the rank of the social competition, at first only in the show-jumping, next were also held already in 1998 in breaking in. Step by step the party is unfolding, and in 2005 for the time first they undertook the organization of the competition in horse trials. Last year the party grew to the rank of the all-Polish competition official and took the name on: Horse riding Festival Baborówko.  In 2009 the played Polish championship of Juniors will be left into WKKW and International Professions in this discipline. A promotion of the Polish horse riding, sport of children and young people is an idea of the Horse riding Centre, of rivalry in one's heart of hearts fair play, as well as of the good play and active spending the free time in the bosom of nature. Therefore organisers want, in order to competition in Baborówku assumed „ character of the Family picnic with the ” horse.
They want, if only everyone from visiting the Centre found something for himself, competitors, enthusiasts of horse riding sport, as well as the audience without whom such parties cannot be held. On the area of the Centre and so two big hidden maneges are to ride a horse it is possible all through the year whatever the weather.  All rides are held after the earlier telephone booking at the instructor. Price list: 
Ride on the leading rein: 20 zloty/ of 30 minutes 
Horse riding (manege): 25 zloty / 45 minutes 
Horse riding (area): 25 zloty / 1 hour 
Trainings: agreed individually

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robson użytkownik robson(posts:450) dodano 21.05.2009 21:58

chyba masz rację :-) hejka

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 21.05.2009 16:36

Chyba bardziej by pasował tytuł "Baborówko - parkur"

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