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Street in Kathmandu, cars, motorbikes, rickshaws wszystcy to themselves are trumpeting, heat, dust but the wsród of it we and cows Street in Kathmandu, cars, motorbikes, rickshaws wszystcy to themselves are trumpeting, heat, dust but the wsród of it we Entry to biggest stupę in Kathmandu. Royal Durbar square in Patanie Main gate of the royal palace to Hanuman Doka in Kathmandu Copper fingerboards on squares in Bhaktapurze, were also stony
Beszczelne malpy by the square in Bhakrtapurze  Brave wypływaja on raftiing there will be great emotions on the river supposedly Restaurant in the vicinity of Chitwan Park.  Here we lived at night cries of animals were heard from the Park. With evening camels went through the Chitwan village Tourists are going through the river in the Chitwan Park, where crocodiles live Sleeping klokodyl Chiwan, but we are swimming in the Park on dugouts of 4 m from it
Centre of breeding of elephants - kilkanascie of small elephants with mothers. Platform for getting the elephant on. Expedition to elephants through the village to the Chitwan Park Indian rhinoceros went for the bath view from the elephant The representative of the deer family is resting for himself in thickets of the Park. Lizard - were everywhere in the room, in the restaurant and on trees
After touring the Chitwan national park bath with elephants Standard road of Nepal - dust, cars, the lane and chasms Small town in transit to Patanu Of Pol uprawowe - the rice, potatoes, the millet and vegetables View from the aeroplane of the Himalaya View from the aeroplane of the Himalaya
Very beautiful flight with aeroplane for 160 dollars above the Himalaya - we could see Ewerest, Lhotse, Makalu and other. Harvests of potatoes - manual digging, packing into sacks and from terrace fields taking out to the route In transit to the hostel tasting baked ziemiaków with spices, but hot seasoning lent in order to oneself Ewerest - beer Typical village from field terrace Typical transport, when a bus odjeżdzałed a few hung loosely on the ladder. Nice carved entablature śiwątyń in Bhaktapurze
The biggest Nyatapola pagoda from 1708 devoted to r for the SiDDhi Lakszmi goddess, from building never opened. On the square of Potters - a decorated water container is pieknying is drying before burning down. Sleeping Buddha's Swiątynia - a moment ago priests washed with Budde and they dressed in new robes People are going with flowers and fruits in order to give it to Buddha. Royal palace in Kathmandu - the month ago odwarto to touring, the building in whom they committed a crime on the royal family was pulled down. Place of the cremation of the deceaseds on stacks - one can see the body being on fire and prepared other to ceremoni of burning in Kathmandu
Remains of delays are being thrown into the river, and these people are digging around in the water in quest ornaments after the deceaseds Standard street Kathmandu - souvenirs The ritual place here is killing each other 108 bulls in Bhaktapurze Prayer grinders and the stone monkey by the temple in Bhaktapurze Porzegnanie with Nepal departure to Bhutan Wybieczka on the river where crocodiles live in the Chitwan Park
Harvests of the millet on fields of Nepal Thoughtful small nepalka in Bhaktapurze The grandfather is teaching children in English, but when saw us ordered them to turn and to greet

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comments to the gallery (3):

jaroluban użytkownik jaroluban(posts:15) dodano 07.05.2009 22:15

Najbardziej podoba mi się ostatnie zdjęcie - urocze z "wewnętrznym ciepłem". Zdjęcia oddają urok i charakter kraju. Może i można byłoby je troszkę "podkręcić", ale nie zawsze idealizowanie obrazu jest niezbędne. Fajne fotki - można spojrzeć na Nepal - Twoimi oczyma.

atropacz użytkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 07.05.2009 22:07

Hahaha, nikomu nie przepuścicie :D

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 07.05.2009 20:51

Dlaczego to taka milcząca opowieść, przecież to bardzo ciekawy kawałek świata.
Zdjęcia bardzo fajne, aż się proszą o kilka słów.

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