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Memorial Czorten in Thipmhu Displays of ritual dances during the dinner on the golf course. Archery competition, aiming at the target from the distance of 120 m, competitors of the opposed team ustawiaja oneself by the shield in order to wziekszyć accuracy of the opposed team.  After hitting the target a dance of the victory is being danced. Punakha Dzong monastery - here coronations of the king of Bhutan are held.  The monastery is also a winter residence of the chief superior of Bhutanese monks. Bridge to the monastery in Punakha Landscape of Bhutan
Landscape Bhutan - 
deep ravines, with valleys a river is flowing and slithering with hillsides of mountains lane. Taktsang Pelphung / Nest of the Tiger /.  The monastery is already opened to wiedzania, without the possibility of doing photographs even in the courtyard. Gompa - hermitage in Taktsang Pelphung complex / Nest of the Tiger /.  Beside a waterfall and a road to the Nest of the Tiger are found. Nice carved elements of the monastery Symbol of Bhutan on with me and I on his background. Nice carved elements of monasteries, in everyone visited were similar elements.
Paintings at the Monastery in Steam, whom the Short film was being shot in Buddha. Airport in Steam.  The most difficult airport on world. The short runway, hillsides of mountains and the low cloud ceiling. The white stupa and mantras - flags in different colours on szcycie of the pass To several dozen passes stup Landscape of Centre Bhutan To several dozen passes stup, everyone przejeżdzają the bhutańczyk is doing a few rounds around stupy.
Nice carved elements of the monastery Nice carved wooden elements of monasteries Nice carved elements of the monastery - dragons, węze, flowers Nice painted elements of monasteries Of Pol rice Symbol of the fertility on many houses in Bhutan
Of Pol rice - teran the zlotys green at the harvest time White mantras Mountainous landscape of Bhutan Numerous herds of yaks grazing by the route. Female which is protecting small Terrace fields uprawowe
Trongsa monastery - view from the city Trongsa monastery - view from the pass The oldest monastery in Centre Bhutan Complex Świątyn in Bumthangu in Centre Bhutan Wall surrounding complex you are klaszing 
of paths in Bumthangu  Painted mantra on the stone stupy element.
Inner courtyard of the monastery Of developing Bhutanese small towns.  On the ground floor utility rooms, on is piętrring flats, in the attic agricultural produce. On the foreground stupa, inside prayer młonek brought up of stream sailing on water Street in the capital city of Bhutan - Thimphu.  On both sides shops in the food, with clothes and souvenirs. Fine carved entry to the monastery Wooden of carving the monastery in the courtyard Ruins of the temple
Wooden of carving the monastery in the courtyard Ruins of the temple The National Museum in an obserwation tower in Steam Of developing the hired workforce from India - casual labour Element of the circle of the life - the fertilization and the birth
Carved balconies and frames of windows at monasteries

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travis użytkownik travis(posts:161) dodano 27.09.2018 22:04

ciekawe miejsce i piekna galeria, pozdrawiam

jula użytkownik jula(posts:45) dodano 31.05.2010 19:10

Świetna galeria ,widać ,że masz super wspomnienia .Gratuluje i pozdrawiam.

beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 10.03.2010 12:39

Galeria interesująca i fajnie opisana.

dawiddrozd użytkownik dawiddrozd(posts:232) dodano 07.05.2009 22:44

Taka azjatycka perelka! Fajne miejsca odwiedzasz. Galerię obejrzalem z ogromną przyjemnoscią. Dzieki

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2265) dodano 06.05.2009 21:01

Piękna i ciekawa galeria-proszę o bardziej rozbudowany komentarz-pozdrawiam.

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