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from Poznań he is going by train oneself with around two changes  in the Krzyż and in Wlkp Gorzów.  Such a water tower and construction are standing in Gorzów , some time ago steam engines took with it water to the tender. Today it is already probably a remainder. Kostrzyn - one of a few in Europe of stations on two levels National park in fully, a polder is a floodland in the purpose of collection of water, the Warta is dividing the park into two polders - north and noon.  Here slags and routes with whom it is possible to wander all over the park are outlined. Church.  Św. of Józef in Dąbroszyn. This neo-Gothic temple was built in years 80 - of the ones XVII in. A mausoleum is situated in interiors with funerary monuments to owners of goods dąbroszyńskich. It is worthwhile also seeing historic, baroque the baptismal pont and the sarcophagus of Hans of II Adam von Schöening
huge tree with great with kind of a hooter standing in the vicinity of palace.  Really it was a Japanese gingko? (which somewhere here, has to stand) complex pałacowo- folwarczno- park in Dąbroszynie. 
Palace. In years 1680 was left built - 1690. Originally baroque, at present neo-Gothic. The first owner of the Palace, marshal Adam Hans von Schöning hero of wars with Turks, got to the Dąbroszyna as the booty of war impressment with name Fatima, more late concubine of the king of the Polish II August Strong. Supposedly the spirit of Fatima to this day is circulating after palace komnatach...
 old channel of the River Warta the duck controls tourist movements
straight road until the horizon, silence and the peace, only a croak of frogs and singings of birds everywhere remains are flying willow baziek late afternoon avenue of broad beans
proud swan (are here both dumb and noisy) I found so, at first I thought that it was a skin after the slough, but then it turned out that it was thick, dried and something inside is, rally probably it was some snake, yeah because I don't think so viper, a grass snake can 
jade along the old channel of the Guard so with avenue of broad beans and I am admiring their work, and they are gnawing at quite huge trees, some it only just are standing. still suddenly behind the bend, some 20 m at the front, is running across the road from 6 beaver fur, (yeah because something else) with thin string,!! but this way I am looking that some strange, of not a May of long tails, still somehow so high on legs are holding on. it won't be possible to cycle and to film, so before I stopped and I exempted apparatus it juz a long time ago disappeared in reeds. so I am going with apparatus into these reeds, I think that perhaps somewhere or other they squatted down and they are hiding .. and suddenly, from one side of the road some great noise of trampling reeds, from the other side so similar, as the charge of the rhinoceros!! adrenaline is hitting but I am trying something to zfilmować. and suddenly I can see the big wild boar who is walking away, and behind him small piglets, this wild boar from left of theses is escaping. and then again suddenly squeal small ace beside. the one is becoming big suddenly and he is starting dumping straight on me, I am taking a leap behind the bicycle, trying all the time to whirl, but with difficulty in such a confusion to aim, fortunately for me and for the bicycle the one small somehow he freed himself of thick bushes and he dashed off to this wildling, this rally also turned back and everyone disappeared in reeds. I waited the moment and I tried to discern situations, but juz I noticed nothing. moments I got some rest and I went farther. everywhere plates are put with the interesting information hare rarely already come across
for not a living soul! full relaxation bored horse, . then again this green grass  and to collect the time oneself back to the noisy civilization 
and I am inviting to watch the film May weekend above Worth for the bulk of impressions from the very beautiful national park. At the film one can see and to feel much more than in photographs.

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kamila_kula użytkownik kamila_kula(posts:179) dodano 05.05.2009 20:01

Bardzo ciekawe ujęcie tematu. Pozdrawiam:)

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