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Railway station in Aswan, before us night ride on a train to Cairo.  The planned trip was supposed to be about 20 - hey, but how it is with predilections, we left after 21 - hey. About alone is przejeżdzying briefly - nervously,, doubly sold scrambles seat reservations,... ... still we reached Cairo.  According to plan we should be in the morning, and here already after 13 - hey, a bit ravenous at least on the train it was possible to buy the brekkie.
In the coach waiting for us - surprise! Dry provisions and the juice. Since we were the spuźnieni meal was during the ride, and behind windows streets, shops,... ... people ... and horns of cars!!! Coptic Cairo
Roman Stronghold - the Fragment of walls and two towers are a part of the stronghold rzymskiejwzniesionej about 30r.p.n.e., after the August's victory over Antonius and Cleopatra. Once walls of this stronghold surrounded the entire territory who is taken hold with touring, but their part was left bigger destroyed by British persons in the 19th century. Roman gate Church Al-Mullaka (for Maria of the Virgo) well-known as Suspended, since is leaning on beams arranged between two towers of the Roman water gate. Inner courtyard with very beautiful mosaics - one of them
We are going to the interior of the church... ...  Al-Mullaka - Suspended. Many people, everyone almost with apparatus and ...te dazzling lamps. View from the window on Roman towers
and tera already spacerpkiem with small streets of Cairo kotyjskiego The Al-Azhar and the American University. 
Al-Azhar - theological Muslim college (madrasah) in Cairo is the most famous college in Muslim world. 

The American University in Cairo was founded in 1919 by Americans. The one liberal (like to conditions of the Muslim state) the college is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of the region at present. The college is educating students in the English. A Citadel is a next point of touring, but surprisingly we are admiring passed fragments of the city
Citadel - in 1176 raised the Saladyn year on the top of Mokattamu hills fortress who is predominating to today above Cairo For almost 700 years, from the death of Alego Muhammad, the Citadel was an official residence almost of all masters of Egypt. Mosque of Alego Muhammad, erected in years 1830 - 1848 is a pearl amongst monuments of Cairo, raised in the style of Ottoman buildings of Stamboul. 

Four domes are building the base for the large central dome, and two slender minarets are giving the mosque the lightness.
After taking shoes off we are entering the inside of the mosque.  It is possible without limitation to do photographs, and it is really what to photograph. Wnetrze is unusually extensive and decorated bodato.
To the right of the main entrance behind this door... ... there is a tomb of Muhammad. Arches central otaczajace courtyard. how look like  .. apparently in next photographs. 

And whom Muhammad was for Ala? - viceroy of Egypt in years 1805 - 1848 and 1848 - 1849. Often called by historians the author of the power of this country.

During the invasion of Napoleon of Egypt he was a member of the Albanian branch fighting in the army Ottoman against Frenchmen. Supported after the evacuation of French armies by local leaders forced the sultan into granting fodder the title. He organised the active resistance in the face of the British invasion stopping Englishmen before taking control of Egypt.  He tamed the internal opposition, bloodily getting even from mamelukami what was criticised on the international arena for. With the help of foreign specialists, coming mainly from France, he improved the army and he contributed to the development of the economy. He ran a lot of wars, of whom converting Egypt into the empire was a purpose.  

Thanks to the centralization of the power he conducted the, administrative and educational agricultural reform. For his rules many factories were made, of ports, cities, a trade and a craft developed.  He introduced the national monopoly on the majority of strategic goods. During governments of Muhammad peasants began the mass cultivation of cotton what in consecutive years supplied for transforming the economy of Egypt into single species.

At the end however the system created by him revealed governments one's defects.
Still view of the inside from the side of the main entrance... ... and I am already in the courtyard a central heating. We have the leisure time now, and it is after all top of Makattamu hills where from panorama of Cairo, but it are stretching already in the second part.

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Na dwóch zdjęciach zauważyłem przejeżdżające Lanosy.
Po maluchach , Fiatach 125p,Polonezach to kolejny popularny w Egipcie
produkt "made in Poland",
a przynajmniej na to wygląda.

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