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Ain with Diamonds - in the free translation is denoting sources of the vineyard.  The place is put quite picturesquely between hillsides of Judzkich mountains. At the foot of a mountain św church visible from a distance of the St John the Baptist. Ain is Diamonds with św home town. of St John the Baptist, with place, where the Zachariasz priest lived with his wife with Elżbieta. The existing today church was left built in XII in. in the period of crusades, on ruins of the earlier building from V-VI in. Evangelist Łukasz isn't mentioning the name of the city, where the St John the Baptist was born, recalls briefly: Mary chose „ oneself and went with the hurry into tops to the certain Judy ” city.  Ain name with Diamonds for the first time it is raining only in the calendar from the VII century. High altar at the św church. of St John the Baptist. In the cave in the vicinity the altar is being found chapel who in keeping with tradition is regarded as the place of giving birth to the St John the Baptist.  Under the altar the marble star is wearing the inscription: here a Predecessor was born of you.
Boards are put on the courtyard surrounding the church in different languages with the text Benedictus. Visible on the south side of a mountain church ortodoksów. One of surrounding Ain hills with Diamonds. On the south hill a Sanctuary of św hitting is also being built. Elżbietas, for commemorating Maria's meeting with Elżbieta.  The church is relatively new - he was built in years 1939 - 40. Mosaic on the facade describing the journey for Maria to Ain with Diamonds. Sculptures describing Maria's meeting with Elżbieta.
Here for a change, on walls surrounding the sanctuary, in many languages texts are put Magnificat Mural from the foot of the church, authorships Della Torre - Meeting of Mary with Elżbieta. Decorative well in the foot of the sanctuary. Going up the upper level. High altar at the upper church. Murals decorating walls at the upper church.
The surrounded sanctuary is a little park in whom we can moment to rest after the walk in hills. Plants looked quite agreeably.  and with times even appetizing. Fragments of the church graveyard.

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wagabunda użytkownik wagabunda(posts:14) dodano 24.01.2014 01:10

Super zdjęcia! Ten kościół na miejscu narodzenia Jana Chrzciciela zwykle jest zamknięty. Fajnie, że mogę go zobaczyć chociaż na zdjęciu.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 26.04.2009 05:23

Popraw opis "główny", tak pod koniec i będzie O.K. Pozdrawiam :-)

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