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It is a rough snapshot Lübbenau Hafen Kleiner, there is still a Hafen Großer but the one is first calmer and less crowded There are localised lending libraries beside kajków and of bicycles This way a trip is beginning on the boat
Very boats sa well prepared for trips, have They at first are sailing through alone Lübbenau
Depending on the chosen route, we can be supposed to sail across the chance through locks
and here a trip is ending with boat (Kahn), there is a very nice eatery beside with the local beer: -) pozniej it is possible to walk after mud Torhaus - urban gate (the small town in 1945 firmly was destroyed, the more late DDR period didn't also help him) at present there an urban museum is situated (nothing particularly interesting) rzeżba by the urban gate Nikolaikirche (evangelical) around supposedly with fairly good organs, in the evening there concerts are often held
Fontana (unfortunately jezcze being out of order) at Nikolaikirche very small town is also cut through with channels and the other port Hafen Großer, much crowded bafrdziej the town is a weekend space of the rest for Berliners And what's more what is most famous after channels in these surroundings - GURKEN i.e. cucumbers.  These surroundings specialize in them, dodatkow produce really splendid mustards here
Around Lübbenau with short walk it is possible to take a walk to the next Lehde village here the oczywiscie could not Gurkenmuseum to be missing - museum of the cucumber: -) typical of it regions country cottage of course also conceal there are channels with boats and kayaks and open-air ethnographic museum of the culture łużycko Serbian
Somebody still has Jesli moment of the time after touring this Lübbenau can drive up to the Raddusch town where the Slav stronghold is situated (it is necessary to head Slawenburg behind signposts)

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watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 07.08.2010 15:54

Miejsce ciekawe , zdjecia 7 i 8 kapitalne.

maniana użytkownik maniana(posts:269) dodano 06.07.2009 15:51

Pewnie tak zrobię. Słyszałam, że w pobliżu, w Burgu jest solankowy basen termalny. Czy może wiesz coś na ten temat? Czy warto tam zajechać?

claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 15.04.2009 15:54

Jesli masz mozliwosc to wybierz sie tam raczej w dzien nie weekendowy - teraz jak bylem to mialem wrazenie ze razem ze mna byl tam caly Berlin

maniana użytkownik maniana(posts:269) dodano 15.04.2009 14:20

O właśnie - czekałam na tą galerię:)

Byłam w Spreewaldzie dawno, dawno temu. A ponieważ mam blisko chcę tam pojechać teraz na jeden dzionek.
Dzięki za tą galerię:)

claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 15.04.2009 13:07

Tak twierdza miejscowi , jak dlatego dodalem na koncu " ;-) "

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 15.04.2009 10:15

No proszę można jeszcze odkryć coś "nowego" całkiem niedaleko.

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