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From Sidi of Abbes beams through Ain Temouchent all the way to Beni Saf to very sea.  Okay, signposts weren't only in Arabic;) The road from Sidi of Abbes beams is stretching out mercilessly amongst hills, in shades is yellowing hills, pomarańczu and of bronze. Together with the sea moving closer out of windows of minibuses more and more a perceptible sea breeze forced its way. This sea breeze is only refreshing [apart from water, but of course only and exclusively bottled.] on this earth. When for our eyes a sea was portrayed no longer we could wait when we will plunge into this light blue water. Somewhere in the distance blue is still delirious of the one our the utęsknionej of water, but we meanwhile are still going and we are passing hard shoulders covered with sand of the road.
Already right right, reach, already in a minute... however we must still pass ...najpierw climbing high up rocks... ...poro dead with trees hills... ...i hill where this seaside small town is materializing. Houses look like matchboxes arrange one on second, and in addition colourful. Beni Saf welcomes us 'sorted out domostwem';] and with the wonderful hot sun.
'A flag is fluttering, when wind oneself zerwie...' In every Algerian small town we passed which they were displayed - on ropes literally in every place - small flags. As can be seen housing estates aren't residential five-star, and buildings with nothing don't resemble hotels from catalogues of travel agencies. However we everywhere will find something interesting for seeing. Architectural attractive ornaments were also in this small small town. And some buildings forced to puzzle above themselves;) neither the church, nor the town hall.  With appearance resembles to me a bit of buildings from southern America.
Always Coca-Cola;) as can be seen known worldwide. So much for Beni Saf an encyclopedia is saying I know: 
Of Saf can, of cruds. Beni Saf, city in N - zach. Of Algeria, on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, in you are wilajacying Ajn Tamuszanat (Tlemcen?). 30 tys. of inhabitants (1987). An important fishing port of the country and the centre of the processing of fish. Sea bathing beach. In the vicinity exploitation of ores of zinc and irons. Still klikaset of metres to the destination, and we already planned, where we would go for the first walk. Footpath surpassing the city together with stairs leading more and more into the bottom.  From this place a superb view on the small town is stretching out. Fountain in the centre, but probably in name only, because as can be seen there is no not a single one drop of water here. In Beni Saf we can which peaks see a lot of hills on houses are built.
Almost one can't see the steep hill, apart from very edge, where houses no longer could come into existence. On one of these hills from a distance one could already see the white hotel, in whom we just had it pleasure to stay overnight spending time in Beni Saf. A few last metres uphill... ...  And hotel 'Siga' in they are introducing us fully. Standard of the hotel how to Algeria was quite high:) this brine only in showers served neither the body, nor hair... Done removing from the footpath leading to the beach.
Some balconies of the hotel were walled off, but still it was possible to see the piece of the beach and this wonderful, light blue sea. Wandering along a path into the bottom, to the beach - a few photographs of surroundings t duty of every tourist. Some buildings in surroundings aren't encouraging to the visit. Firmly torn shoreline.  Of many hills, hills and different rocks. Our wonderful dining room in the fresh air, with the wonderful chow and the view on beaches and the sea.  Something wonderful. Photograph done from the room of boys, one floor above;) Plate of salads.  He looked appetizing and he tasted dobrze.Po planes a dozen or so days of eating a bit baguettes just dried off with groats [and with time with mutton, who still disagreed with us] a time for eating healthy and looking beautiful came.
These beautiful kitties also looked hungry... at the sight of ...bo of the eye foods did it for them oneself as large as five zlotys. So from time to time we knocked the slice of leftovers of the chicken off for them so that at least for a moment they satisfied their hunger. Walk in transit to the beach.  Head up, and even lens aren't embracing such a tall palm;) Local 'sklepik' with the hurried food.  Salami, a few shish kebabs, mini-rybki and something for cooling into this intense heat. Here I already had to crane my neck quite high;)
Short scared darling met on the way, somewhere between wheels of standing cars. She dared to acquaint a few moments and ptaszynkas with us;) And for our eyes is appearing 'Large Błękit'.... After the wonderful time of splashing around in the warm Mediterranean sea time for the return, because the sunshine is already bowing to the west itself. And the night view is longing for the coast very pleasantly. All that's missing is the plenty of tourists searching for the night disco.  In the end it is only not Ibiza coast of Algeria.
The wonderful illumination is leading into romantic tune and a willingness to the walk is overcoming, but in this place it is probably rather niewskazane... The last view to the beach and Dobranoc...:)

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knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 24.06.2009 20:32

Łukasz/chyba/ - wiedział co chciał sfotografować i kadrował właśnie te obiekty.
Natomiast Twoje zdjęcia robią wrażenie pstrykanych w pośpiechu i od niechcenia/idziesz i pstrykasz/

krushyna użytkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 23.05.2009 14:15

rozumiem Cię Knfred, ale chodzi mi o to w jaki sposób były robione zdjęcia, że ja takich nie robiłam ?

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 23.05.2009 09:52

krushynko - chodzi mi o osobe której zdjęcia kiedyś prezentowałaś./z Tunezji albo Egiptu/
Jak widzę tamte galerie usunełaś.

krushyna użytkownik krushyna(posts:396) dodano 23.05.2009 00:35

Dziękuję Archipio za informację.
Knfred - nie wiem o co Ci konkretnie chodzi, może przybliżysz mi to ?
Pozdrawiam Was serdecznie :)

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 22.05.2009 15:08

Szkoda że nie próbowałas fotografować tak jak Łukasz/chyba/ w Tunezji.

archipio użytkownik archipio(posts:892) dodano 22.05.2009 08:20

Ta tajemnicza budowla na zdjęciu nr 18 to po prostu hala targowa.
Widać zachowany francuski napis "marche" (czyt. marsze) co oznacza - targ, targowisko.

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