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One of descents to the beach dramatically underwent shortening. Station, view toward the itinerary to Hel. One of streets richer in attractions, now b Sen about tropikach...idealny on brilliantly aprillis An Office of the City, a health centre, an online cafe and a few other organizations are located in this building.  Władysławowo doesn't have the Old Town and this building is situated almost above very port.
Avenue well-deserved for Polish sport and sign Beer, smoked fishes - 24 hours Port in Polish - on the cliff. The view from the other side, i.e. Poland Looking from Rozewia at Władysławowo. View from Rozewia - wejscie on the la They would like to sing, zapomniając about the filter of sepia: apart from the blue sky nothing for me more aren't needed.
There were also moments, when I had a feeling that a beach was a construction site of Alternatives 4. The STAR lorry rushed with the dizzying speed. Of it it is Hel. Whether somebody is associating the name of these premises with the cult American comedy Police Academy? Parish kiosk. Church tower - on for her equipping one bell and three satellite aerials.
Such concrete trees are guarding every entry to the park.

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dsk użytkownik dsk(posts:108) dodano 13.04.2009 19:17

mała uwaga, na wieży są trzy dzwony : )

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2229) dodano 08.04.2009 18:28

Ciekawie,ciekawie,może i lepiej w kolorze/chociaż sama nie wiem/jest trochę inaczej-pozdrawiam.

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