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In transit to Egiptu... For the beginning, a bit of animals.: -) the little snail is looking out of its pasta shells. And here small crab. Some bird on the background some mountains.; -) And now he/she is breaking for the flight. Sea urchin.
Now two photographs (one around few good) done in tzw of the submarine. Nurkowie... One of local doggies,: -) but the one doesn't belong rather to them.: -)) And in the end zwierzątek-wielbłąd. On the boat...
Then again we are moving to the beach. Outflow... I stood by these boats having water only up to bones.
Lift to the beach Kind of funny this traffic sign.: -) And ones of few souvenirs it is possible here to buy which. An evening is coming...
On the pier... And in the end, sunsets.
It is already a view from the aeroplane.  END: -))

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olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2269) dodano 15.03.2009 20:13

Ciekawe zdjęcia nr.14,19,23 i 28-pozdrawiam.

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