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From the centre of Karpacz we are heading in the direction of the White Ravine.  On the way we are passing the beautiful tenement. From the White Ravine with green trail (Dear Bronka of the Czech) we are heading for the forest clearing. For the first time today we can see the Snowball reigning over the entire neighbourhood.  One on the trail will still a lot see her razy... We will approach the forest clearing, 1067 npm m.  The green trail is being come across here with blue and yellow. Moment's peace and we are moving into the way forward - we will visit this place today one more time.
We are choosing the blue trail - about 30 faces march to the Retreat. We are passing the Goat's Breastbone on the White Stream and we will approach the Pot of the Small Pond. Steep walls of the postglacial pot are sticking up to the amount 1400 npm m.
For them more close the Small Pond all the more a wind is increasing. The small Pond occupies areas of the less than 3 ha and his depth reaches the c 7 m. Hostel im. Retreat of Waldemar Siemaszko, 1195 npm m. 
The first mentions of the shed of the guard guarding pond rich in trouts r comes from 1670. Current hostel, going round in circles a few previous, comes from the XIXw end. The structure of the hostel is wooden-brick and covered with steep roofs with the built, characteristic belfry. At present the hostel has c 50 accommodation places.  There a canteen is also situated, point of the tourist information office (access to WiFi), point the GOPR and the climbing partition wall. 15 faces march up and we are reaching the next hostel - it is an Academic Thatch.
From under the Thatch we are wandering with blue trail to the burnt Watchtower.  Here we are choosing the red trail, with whom in about hour we will reach the Sunflower. View from above to the Pot of the Small Pond and hostels whom we passed.
On the trail it is possible to meet not only tourists;) Too we can admire the trail Pot of the Large Pond.  The pond lies at 1225 npm m level. He is long on the over 600 m, for the area 8.5 ha and the max of the depth of the c 25 m. The area of the Pot is a dense reserve and it isn't possible to enter him. We are reaching in place - Sunflower, 1423 npm m.  The characteristic rock group has the height of the c 13 m.
At the head - how the legend is propagating - a devil is standing.  One day, cross with people living in the valley, wanted to fill the Large Pond in with rocks so that his waters flood nearby houses. Fortunately in the last moment a sound of the Angelus bells reached it and the devil petrified. From the Sunflower, with yellow trail we will go down do... ...Pielgrzym that.  These are c 30 faces of the descent... ...szlakiem who is very narrow and winding. Pielgrzymy, 1204 npm m.  Formation of granite rocks whom the height reaches 25 m.
from Pilgrims a forest clearing is suiting 15 min. of the road - place whom we visited at the beginning of the walk.  From there, after the short rest, we are moving the blue trail into the bottom. We are reaching Karpacz on the way passing the Wang Temple.

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zahara u篡tkownik zahara(posts:68) dodano 25.01.2010 21:15

To teraz jest taki taras na Strzesze?
Wieki tam nie bylam!
Piekne gory i najpiekniejsze w Polsce schronisko Samotnia.
Kiedys tam niemal mieszkalam.
Piekna galeria.

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 16.03.2009 13:50

To jakie teraz g鏎y we禦iesz na "tapet" ?

felix u篡tkownik felix(posts:87) dodano 14.03.2009 21:11

Lubi Twoje galerie, bo bierzesz widza na wycieczk - idziemy i patrzymy po kolei, co tam wida. To przyjemny i poznawczo cenny format. Wyrzuci豚ym troch zdj耩 z cyklu "droga przez las / kos闚k" bo niepotrzebnie rozpraszaj uwag.

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