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U-boot at- 995, purpose of my expedition, during the war sank 6 brytyjskij of ships, underwent 9 battle patrols In this moment the Family left me, recognizing that this large piece of the scrap metal on the beach isn't worth watching, of echoes of the woman I had to poźniej to ask other visitors in order to pstrykneli for me some snapshot Bow torpedo launcher
oh well, it was possible to touch everything upon: -) range of diesels
this way a kitchen looked, here meals were being prepared for the entire crew good time, to get one's hands on the piece of history, on bars from the battle periscope helms głębokościowe - miodzio: -) cabin radiooperatora
aft torpedo launchers pay attention, bunks for the sleeping were found under suspended hub breaks - of sweet dreams; -)
Das Marine-Ehrenmal - monument to the mausoleum devoted to everyone for German sailors killed in action in two last wars. Inside the exhibition associated with the history of the German navy is, there is a bull's-eye get out of Gustlofa e.g.
In the end so that it isn't that only an u-boot and the u-boot two views on the Laboe oklicę and his beaches, probably pretty

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patryk80 użytkownik patryk80(posts:4814) dodano 03.10.2012 13:25

Fajna galeria. Byłem kilka razy w Kiel, niestety nie udało mi się dotrzeć do Laboe

danielski użytkownik danielski(posts:261) dodano 09.03.2009 18:42

27 ciekawy kadr

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