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The entire spa is held in the colour of imperial bile - kaisergelb, it is often possible to meet this colour in Austria Very health resort is quite pleasant, for me however rainy clouds threatened and I didn't have time longer to porozkoszować oneself with quietness of these places Church of the Cross, nothing special but also in being in effect keisergelb Threatening with the rain was big and thanks to that on benches of the emptiness Pramen is in the Czech manner a żródło - here signposts to a few of them, all equally ugly in the taste
This żródełko had the more interesting cover but it bashed with the hydrogen sulphide to all over surroundings Buildings of ancient spas, today a bit fell into decline And in the end the rain caught me, I had to wait out - main promenade
The last glance at the for pedestrians promenade and farther in droge, to następnech of the bath, this time Marianskich

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