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Through his artistic activity he is becoming the known BEATOCELLO Doctor.  He/she is treating children also through the music as the clown, clown. He is publishing children's books, he/she is giving a concert in Switzerland as well as abroad. In December 1991 r. the Richner Dr. is coming back to Cambodia. He is finding Kantha Bopha Hospital in the ruin.  Because of the persuasion of new authorities he undertakes to treat children in hospital conditions. In March 1992 r. he is establishing the foundation in Zurich, they are moving to Phnom Penh and he is beginning the reconstruction of the hospital. Already at the end 1992 r.  Kantha Bopha Childrens Hospital is starting admitting short patients. All medical services are free of charge. To every family in Cambodia on average five children are falling. Tuberculosis, malaria, fever dengue, typhus or everyday diarrhoea cause the huge mortality rate. To Kantha Bopha nr.IV in Phnom Penh at 90 of street, throw with stone from famous the PHNOM WAT from the dawn is gathering parents with one's solaces. At entering the hospital above the pavement they are built of white zadaszenia.Jest material of them however too little, a shadow is covering about 10 linear metres of the pavement. farther it is a severe solar exhibition. And so the fight against these overshadowed places is great. the Personnel is handing out white umbrellas but keeping the umbrella, of child with times two and .Trudno.Wa trouble is buying bags żne today my child will receive the medical assistance.
I was there dwukrotnie.Mimo of the huge round parents are keeping the great calmness. also their ill solaces.  Burst out crying I couldn't see children. in surroundings of the hospital one each and for the other side of the pavement there are all needed services for waiting for an appointment at the doctor's. It is possible to buy nappies, clothes for children.  Balloons, zabawki.wszystko what can sie to lend in this concrete sytuacji.S ą these are however portable shops, who the same as patients, they appear at dawn and with them they are disappearing. There are also portable bars, restauracyjki.Dla of the ones who are waiting to the visit and for visiting sick persons.  The hospital has 555 beds, 4 operating theatres, 2 branches of the intensive care, laboratory with a blood bank. In August 2004 r. an idea of the new hospital arose and in December they already handed over to 2005 for Kantha Bopha use IV at whom we are. The hospital holds the II number oneself on premises of the Royal Palace.  Norodom king Sihanouk gave the part of his areas back up to the structure of this hospital in 1995 to r.W Siem Reap the third hospital was formed in the vicinity światyni Angkor. A King and a government of Cambodia are providing patronage for every construction. Kantha Bopha of the III name of the JAYAVARMANA king in Siem Reap perhaps to be VII with refined model how to build and to establish hospitals of this type in Asian conditions. The Dr. of Beatas Richner is collecting money for Cambodian hospitals worldwide.  Switzerland is on the top one spot on a list of contributors. Entire Kantha Bopha building costs IV he amounted to 15 m dollars and he was covered in full from donations of Swiss citizens.
In the Cambodian family a woman is an important person.  It is possible to observe it particularly in the restaurant. The woman is being served first and what's more doesn't surprise. He surprises the fact that he receives the bill for the payment. In spite of this knowledge I was surprised with protective attitude of men to its solaces. Unusually troskliwi.Delikatni.  Either after all most often or above all for fizyczni.Wida ć worker it after hands. These work-roughened hands in times of Red governments Khmerów paradoxically were rescuing before the death.  Who didn't admit to one's intellectual origin had to show the hand. Delicate hands of teachers, of doctors, of lawyers, of artists were a sentence. Of course coincidences happened, that an artist survived because he could paint.  Chief witness from TUOL SLENG holding prisoner in the process the Ghost it is an artist. Pota Pol portrayed and other of artists from killing and survived. now is accusing. At present into Phnom Penh and Siem Reap 5 hospitals who are being managed by the foundation operate in two cities.  Only two persons Beatas' Dr. Richter and the Dr. Denis Laurent are foreigners. The entire staff is educated in Cambodia. At every hospital all medical services are free of charge. Every child has the right to cure and it is no luxury, that he also for free receives cures.  Everyone for the Kantha Bopha worker receive the modest remuneration and scarcely 5 % funds of hospitals are going to the administration department.
Government of Cambodia dofinansowywuje hospitals into amounts of 2 million dollars but the government of Switzerland in the height 2.5 million of dollars annually.  The Dr. of Beatas Richner became the man of 2003 in Switzerland. In the period of the biggest invasion of tourists to Siem Reap in order to tour ANGKOR the BEATOCELLO Dr. is organising his concerts.  All money for tickets and free donations are going for financing hospitals. ! The large Orchestra of the Festive Help collected the 40 458 625.09 PLN this year.  It is possible to say there was this 13.5 million of dollars and can so much at one time will still be. Because in July 2008 r. so that there are 20 million dollars. They are acting in the country and other foundations are still collecting money. We citizens we are paying more and more big contributions for the protection of their health, we are a country in the centre of Europe and reality?.., it's a waste of breath These all material facts are showing one, to finish the time with the waste of money for the Health Service in our country.  In 2000 r. an international team of experts was sent to Cambodia to the order of the Swiss ds Agency. Of the development and the Cooperation [DEZA] for the evaluation of hospitals. I am reminding that the government is giving 2.5 million of dollars annually to Switzerland to hospitals.  If he is giving he has the right to check what is happening with their money in the country this way corrupted. And what? The committee stated, that care of patients, organization and hygiene are perfect and Kantha Bopha has the Optiumum Cost in relation to Benefits.. Then again I am przypomninaming - 5 % funds of hospitals is allocated for administration. is it interesting how it at us looks like  .. ?
And queues of worried mothers with children to doctors or in Poland or in Cambodia are the same and in Kantha Bopha receive everything for free including cures. I am not imagining such a situation in Poland, that some hospital is announcing that from tomorrow he will be undergoing treatment for free.  At least I could see what happened before M 1 in Poznań how it pronounced Markt Media, around are selling.. not for idiots the flower of normals moved ...i after zakupy... Temple the PHNOM WAT is standing on the hill and around her a communications roundabout is big.  Whereas all over skwery.Nasz sides hospital, of whom pacjenów we are ogladamying has before oneself, on the other side of the street the embassy of Australia but from the side pretty skwer.Stoi there of the bronze of the beauty ptaka.Z rzeżba of a dozen or so bars, from wire is woven by the PTAK... artist This bird is difficult for photographing through one's openwork-ness and in such an exhibition with the morning sharp light.  Ptak is always associated with the freedom.., and in this space of the mother, fathers, are waiting for the visit to the doctor with their solaces, then again free, full of hope of the better tomorrow. There are no chairs, of benches.  There are no baskets. There is no even if of portable toilets. There is a lawn with the low hedge.  In it let us burn a few trees and several dozen the tuk-tuków i.e. the stop three-wheeled tasówek. also a car park for motorbikes.
World Health Organization - WHO - has his registered office in Geneva.  In this small city how Beatas' Dr. claims Richter there are 22 CAT scanners for the use of patients installed only in the private sector. Why cannot such a CAT scanner be purchased by WHO for Cambodia? Since WHO thinks that the performed service with the help of a CAT scanner is too expensive and he/she doesn't correspond to economic reality of the country Cambodia is which. really incomprehensible stance. You are poor and poor you will die because the rich is establishing who can use modern medicine.  The rich decided in the distant past colonizing Asia and Africa, that the local population wasn't sending itself to train, a sie isn't sending to hospitals, a sie isn't sending to niczego..., ...opr ócz of the hard work too little remuneration.  And we have the HIV from Africa. Asian flu (1957) - c 1 m of the loss of life worldwide, influenza Hong Kong (1968) - also an about 1 m of victims worldwide. Virus of bird's influenza H 5 N 1 threat after all still still being on first-name terms with it. The globalization causes, that pandemic is developing sie quickly on the entire globe.  Africa doesn't have the infrastructure for million of tourists from the entire of the world therefore there is not a grożna seemingly. Next year in the RSA odbedą oneself the World Cup competition. this vast country, in whom white colonizers committed discontinuing the development of the local population is an exporter HIV number 1. About the prostitution in Thailand these are already everyone know.  In the aeroplane from Phnom Penh to Singapore I heard from Germans, that the prostitution in Vietnam had happened nieznośna'. What is it determining? Until the end I don't know because in Vietnam I wasn't, but people said it, who Azje kochaja and are knowing well.
In Phnom Penh I could see brothels, but here and in the more further travel all over Cambodia special I didn't have taking.  By the square on whom patients waited for the visit, a TV crew recorded the program for children with their participation. Straight known worldwide games.  But not it was important for me. I saw other children. Differently dressed. It is possible to say, that changed. Smiling, colourful, clean. Around this television play, a bit of rubbernecks were attracted.  However none from parents came with it ill child in order to look at this electronic of the world. Around Kantha Bopha I met ill children about the sad look.  Healthy and probably around bagatych of families, full of the television smile. And working children, which eyes I could see some longing in whom it is hard for me to describe. In the street, of market, in the restaurant, in the capital city of Cambodia I couldn't see the reception desk of smiling people!  Nice, nice, helpful but closed in oneself. To the ...ile question does it cost? from the machine are giving three times with bigger price than the one who is real. It is interesting, that when I asked about the price of vegetables whom after all foreigners aren't buying are quoting a price real. Kantha Bopha at one's five hospitals till end 2007 r. 7.5 million of ambulatoryjnie.. patients was examined, 650000 thousand were being hospitalized.  90000 thousand operations were carried out. An about half million of toddlers was rescued.
After the visit at the hospital parents with children are coming back to their houses.  In the hope of their child being healthy. Przyjeżdżaja and are going away. so in circles. One tuk-tukiem, by bicycle, by motorbike. One in shoes with socks, second in normal flip-flops. Still other barefooted and on foot because so much have.  Never their children by the way also and they wouldn't be in contact with a medical attention if not for the KANTHA BOPHA foundation but first of all the Dr. of Beatas Richner who at the foundation has the directorship of hospitals. I spent a few hours before this hospital twice.  Perhaps these are a case and maybe a rule and it is worthwhile into it believing that no Leksus or other Toyta didn't drive up to the hospital from ...szczeg ólnym with case, avoiding rules and principles by whom the Kantha Bopha foundation is guided in Cambodia.

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baracuda77 użytkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 04.10.2013 15:18

Zgadzam sie w 100%:)Pozdrawiam

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 03.09.2013 16:31

...wczoraj, dzisiaj dyskutujemy o celowości stosowania fotografii czarno-białej i trudności wynikajacych z stosowania fotografii kolorowej...tak się złożyło, że dzisiaj wpadłaś na tę galerię i dzisiaj odpisuję w kontekście co powyżej... zastanawiałem się długo czy nie zastosować tutaj czarno-białej fotografii, zrezygnowałem bo nie chciałem takim kolorem zdołować dodatkowo problem... on sam w sobie jest OGROMNY, byłaś tam to widziałaś...dziękuję i pozdrawiam serdecznie.

baracuda77 użytkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 03.09.2013 14:49

Wspaniala relacja smutnego i cięzkiego życia....zawsze powtarzam,ze nie doceniamy tego co mamy:(Pozdrawiam

deszcz użytkownik deszcz(posts:2891) dodano 24.11.2010 21:40

DREPTAK - dziekuje za odwiedziny. Już prawie dwa lata minęły od pobytu w Phnom Penh. Jak podały wszystkie agencje prasowe w ubiegłą sobotę wydarzyła się tragedia całkiem niedaleko od tego szpitala. ŚWIĘTO WODY - prawie 2 miliony turystów. Znakomite zawody łodzi na rzece Tonle Sap, która wpada do Mekongu i całkiem długi i duży most łączący niewielką wyspę z stolicą. Most specjalnie oświetlony kolorowymi lampkami. Zwoje przewodów tak podłączone, że most był pod napięciem i zaczęło się... jak włączyli. Tragedia. Setki ofiar. Bardzo przykro...

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 17.11.2010 22:34

aha, jeszcze jedno-znam kambodżańskiego ojca 3 córek (niezwykle skromny, ubogi człowiek) i uwierz mi, nigdy wcześniej nie widziałam w żadnym innym polskim ojcu takiej miłości i delikatności wobec swoich dzieci, ilekroć go widzę jestem zachwycona i zdumiona jego postawą, także ogromem miłości dziewczynek do swojego tatusia , coś w tym, o czym pisałeś jest...:)

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 17.11.2010 22:30

no i klucha w gardle, łzy na powiece.... dziękuję...za galerię, za wiadomości, za uświadomienie tego,czego dreptak w ciepłym mieszkaniu ,z pełnym brzuszkiem, we własnych butach nie wiedział, nie przypuszczał, ech...

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 07.04.2009 15:15

Powtórzę za Knfredem - "Ściska serce"

Ta galeria świadczy ,że Obieżyswiat jest serwisem nie tylko społecznościowym ale i społecznym.

goonias użytkownik goonias(posts:44) - User deleted dodano 07.04.2009 14:37

Drgi Panie Deszczu . Że ta galeria jest " na bank" na 10 to zrozumiałe. Ale jest to 10 wystukana przez łzy. Tak łatwo się człowiek wzrusza widząc tyle nieszczęścia maluchów i ich rodzin na raz. Śliczne dzieciaki, kolorowe ubrania... ale ten przerażający smutek w dużych oczach małych dzieci poraża. Podziwiam tych lekarzy i personel, leczący za ułamek budżetu szpitala te rzesze biedaków - sugestia autora, że u nas koszty administracji i płac pochłaniają większość budżetów jest jak najbardziej na miejscu. Dziekuję za sporą dawkę wiedzy i ciekawostek w komentarzach . Pewnie , że z danych statystycznych też możnaby się sporo dowiedzieć , ale brak czasu itd...nie ma co się okłamywać -po prostu nie sięgnęłabym do nich . A tu w jednej pigułce wraz z galerią pięknych, przejmujacych zdjęć . Swoją drogą , patrząc na tematy po które sięga Autor to myślę , że w piersi Deszcza bije serce wraźliwego artysty że hej!!!

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 11.03.2009 10:59

Ściska serce.

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