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The proposal to sail after Nilu is boat one around of the ones not for the rejection.  We are supposed to watch the chance Cairo from other perspective. We are getting on opposite the Cairo Tower to one around so mini of taking ships ok of 40 persons. The Cairo tower is situated on an island Zamalek.  For her the height is 187 m, so she is for 43 m higher than the Pyramid of Cheops. A platform with a view is on a peak and below revolving restaurant. We are swimming away ...wie ża she is becoming more and more small but we are next interesting views facing. We will approach to first of around a few bridges passed on the way.
On the right edge, on both sides of the route one can see obelisks and monuments We are swimming farther drinking next views in. Sometimes such small boats looking fishing are being come across.  Admittedly I didn't fail to plunge the hand in Nilu, but of here caught fish I would prefer not to try. The guide is keeping an eye on boats standing by the edge for us.  They serve not only for the migration, but mainly sa with houses. Moment to the conversation...
We are swimming farther.  A whirr of the engine mixt with the Arabic music is musical undercoat. Nilu Wzłuż familiar hotel names put up.   Nilu Wzłuż familiar hotel names put up.
Egyptians like to race in streets.  But on water horns aren't heard. In these houses he isn't sorting windows what isn't in Cairo so obvious.  By the barge one could see amateurs of the bath. It is a place, where how the legend is propagating Mojżesz was get out by the daughter of the pharaoh of Nilu. Here our trip around Nilu is ending.  At least short, left unforgettable impressions. Seen Cairo from the river looks nicer than it is in fact. Here so much a noisy, neglected property isn't being felt and often of dirty molocha.To a bit I will demonstrate the different face of Cairo in other gallery.  One thing is certain - it is a city one fascinates, other straight out he is horrifying but on everyone he will leave the power of impressions.

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glockerka użytkownik glockerka(posts:737) dodano 21.02.2009 08:18

13 i 14 są moim zdaniem super!

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