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Driving to Jarosław from the side of Przeworsk we are stopping by a monastery complex Frs of Dominican friars.  This place is connected with a legend about the miraculous appearance of the packaging of the pieta on the wild pear tree in 1381 of year. There was a wooden chapel in whom the queen prayed originally here Jadwiga, whereas existing the building was made in XVII - XVIII in. Beneath monastic walls a chapel of the Painful Mother of God is situated from 1752. Well inside the chapel. Town hall, centrally situated on the Jarosław market, was built in the XVII century. In XIX in. stayed thoroughly rebuilt in the neo-Renaissance style. At the beginning of XXwieku from the eastern side an urban jail was built on.
The clock on the tower is striking the hours already from 1896. He/she is situated at a market a few kamiennic, with arcades typical of Galician cities.  In a photo Renaissance Orsettich kamiennica from XVIw. Unfortunately I could not show her in one piece gdyz preparations for the concert lasted and tents and the big scene hid from view of the part of a building. And it is an arcade other kamiennicy called Rydzikowska. Well on the market. Building of the Gymnastic Company Falcon, raised at the XIX turn and XX in. A sculpture of the falcon is crowning the top of the west facade.
Coat of arms Pursuit, former emblem of Lithuania. A sculpture of the inspired young man is based on a top of the north facade, for personification of sport. A low relief carving presenting the coat of arms of Jarosław, sustained by two fingerboards is also decorating the facade. Pw collegiate church of the Corpus Christi by the square of Piotr of the Complaint.  He was it is one of the first Jesuit teams in Poland. The building was erected in years 1580 - 15 94. In front of the church sculptures of Tomasz Huttera were placed in 1722.  They today are only being watched with copies.
We are finishing a flying visit in Jarosław, with it whereas who at one time here will come I am telling to set more time aside.  It is worthwhile seeing for instance insides some the kamiennic as well as merchant basements.

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comments to the gallery (3):

danielski użytkownik danielski(posts:261) dodano 22.02.2009 21:21

5 lat chodziłem to szkoły w Jarosławiu :).

wujryszard użytkownik wujryszard(posts:294) dodano 22.02.2009 20:59

byłem kilka razy w Jarosławiu bo mam tam kilkoro przyjaciół a ostatnio nawet bawiłem się tam na weselu;)))
z galerii widać, że naprawdę miałeś niezbyt wiele czasu bo można było więcej pokazać choćby Cerkiew pw. Przemienienia Pańskiego, która też jest bardzo charakterystyczna dla tego miasta:)
akurat ja w swoich zbiorach mam mało fotek z Jarosławia a szkoda bo mógłbym zrobić małe "uzupełnienie" do Twojej galerii.
fajnie się oglądało...pozdr

nomaderro użytkownik nomaderro(posts:38) dodano 22.02.2009 16:34

nigdy tam nie byłem... Fotki zachęcające :)

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