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We are starting touring with the Inn under the White Top, it is taking over 40 minutes for us, ... refresh $oneself$, at a leisurely pace we are moving the outlined route Smithy around k Wyżnego.  Strzyżowa the around 2 XIX fishings in. She is outside sectors. We are in the sector Bojków - Team of an Orthodox church: Greek Catholic Orthodox church from k Grąziowa.  Birczy from 1731 r., however inside from the XVIII end in., and beside... ... belfry przycerkiewna around k Sierakościec.  Of Przemyśl from 1712 r. Watermill from the Will of k Komborska.  Of Krosno around about 1880 r. with the full equipment
Team of an Orthodox church: Greek Catholic Orthodox church from Rosolina k.  Lutowisk from 1750 r. and belfry przycerkiewna from 1751 r. ... with the full equipment, two gravestones słupowe from years 1924 - 1925, there is still a mortuary beside przycerkiewna from XVIII in. (in a photo invisible) Sector of Lemkoes - there are cottages here around Komańczy from 1885 r., from Smolnika from 1925 r. wells, granaries,... Team of an Orthodox church: Greek Catholic Orthodox church from Ropek k.  Of Gorlice around 181 r., polychrome of insides from the XIX end in., belfry bramna from Ropek 1904 r.,... ... św chapel. of Mikołaj from Kremnej from the XIX end in. Sector Western Foothills: oil sector.
Exhibition presenting the outline of the history of getting petroleum on Podkarpacie... ... from the half of the 19th century, until the today. She is grasping objects, devices and originating tools... ... from mines closed down on the area Bieszczadów zachodnicz,... ... of Carpathian foothills and Low Beskid. pottery homestead: cottage from Rzepiennika of Strzyżewski from 1866 r.  Inside with the pottery studio around pocz. Of the 20th century.
At second (visible on the previous photograph), I sat the small bench on, small garden, flowers, everything reach.  In similar I spent the house month at grandfathers wheel grodna in years 60 - of the ones. homestead wielobudynkowa: windmill around Turaszówki k.  Of Krosno from 1923 r., on the left barn from Jaszczwi k. Of Krosno around 2 poł. XIX in., deep inside cottage from Ustrobnej k. Of Krosno from 1897 r. Dolinianie sector: engine house from Lipinek k.  Of Gorlice from 1934 r., inside exhibition of fires engine. Sector Eastern Foothills: Homestead jednobudynkowa, cottage around Węglówki k.  Of Krosno from 1892 r. Road św chapel. jana of Nepomucen from the New Village of k Czudecka.  Strzyżowa around 2 the XIX poł in. Roman-Catholic church around Bączala of Bottom k.  Of Jasło from 1667 r.
On it we finished.  Of taking in the gallery it is only a small fragment of objects in the open-air ethnographic museum. Above the bank of the River San.

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