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At the Hodzy square surrounded from three sides by busy arteries and rare contemporary buildings, a white baroque Grassalkovicha palace is standing Presidential Grassalkovich palace In front of the presidential palace a fountain is situated about the shape of the globe, symbolizing the peace between nations Television tower On the Slavin hill a huge monument, commemorating 6000 Soviet soldiers who died in battle against the city is sticking up Panorama of the city from the Slavin hill
Curtain walls of the castle and saint Marcin's Church The view from the castle hill on the Donau and the New Bridge In the panorama of the city a quadrangular Bratislava castle is dominating with four soaring turrets in angles, determined jako... table turned away upside down:)
Pristavny bridge Hotel Carlton Slovenske narodne czyli... divadlo neo-Renaissance building of the National Theatre Old town hall with the clock tower decorated with the coat of arms of Bratislava it is at present a Miejsckie Museum On the market of the old town the oldest called fountain is standing through słowaków Rolandowa If somebody felt like doing the snapshot for oneself with Napoleon I am inviting to the market in Bratislava
Tower of the gate of Michalska Museum on Primasalnym namiestie The primate's palace

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weronika użytkownik weronika(posts:238) - User deleted dodano 20.07.2009 23:44

Bratyslawa , tak blisko a ja jeszcze nie byłam , moze w te wakacje nadrobie załeglości

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