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Building probably the most known of Bucharest - House of People (Casa Poporului), and at present Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului).  It is one from biggest in terms of the volume building on the of the world. Construction started already in years osiemdziesiątów during the reign of Ceausescu, however she was finished only after his death. At present Palatul Parlamentului - as the name itself indicates - is a registered office of the Romanian parliament. It is possible to tour the building as part of organised trips, however I was pressed for time to it. unfortunately, on the day, in whom I arrived, the city geared up to motor races and as part of preparations concrete porozstawiano low walls and nets Boulevard Unirii is the best place, from whom it is worthwhile watching the Houses of Parliament - Boulevard of the Unity, called the Boulevard of the Victory of the Socialism before.  Construction of this avenue at Ceausescu's recommendation in the eighties resulted behind itself in the need to destroy the historic district cities, unfortunately. Yet however current postmodernist building development along the boulevard enough well he is harmonizing with the architecture of the gigantic building of the Romanian parliament, that the walk in this place caused me almost pleasure. Almost because the boulevard is rather desolate and in addition in the day, in ktorym as long as in Bucharest the temperature came to 42 C!!! members of the ruling elite occupied nearby properties, and police didn't allow strangers here
pretended connection old with new, unfortunately of such pretended adaptations it is little It is already quite other Bucharest
House of the Army
National Museum of the Art

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atropacz użytkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 12.03.2009 21:22

Mimo tysiąca wad, lubięto miasto. Paradoksalnie jest bardzo egzotyczne.

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1518) dodano 12.03.2009 20:42

mimo pięknego światła, dość słabe zdjęcia, niestety nie byłam w Bukareszcie-chętnie dowiedziałabym się czegoś ciekawego o tym mieście, a tutaj: jest wizja, fonii brak...:)

zibid użytkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 10.03.2009 17:27

dużo ciekawego słyszałem o Bukareszcie - oglądając Twoją galerię miasto nie zrobiło na mnie wrażenia. Galeria - dobra reporterka. Pozdrawiam

claude użytkownik claude(posts:64) dodano 10.03.2009 11:33

Fakt, w tym temacie maja jeszcze w Ruminii problem ale szybko nadrabiaja stracony czas , mysle ze za kilka lat i te potworne napowietrzne sieci znikna, przynajmniej w duzych miastach

marioli użytkownik marioli(posts:1031) dodano 10.03.2009 08:30

Miasto bardzo ciekawe, tylko ta plątanina drutów ....

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