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Haag I am aming Hausruck, juz not a wies, not a widomo whether juz small town Haag I am aming Hausruck - on wzgorzu standard Schloss On dziedzincu niedalo sie poruszac, lod, safely bylo trzymac sie sciany In Bad Ischl direction, a sie is heralding nieszczegolnie, wkolo mgla wygladajaca strikingly but not for it for me today chodzilo Break into podrozy, so there - cigarette, pee.  Podobal for me sie the one of strumiens, snapshot, hmm from it I am not satisfied
a zeby zrobic is combining it better i... przekombinowalem, wlazlem on lod, ktory musial oczywisce peknac (the ones Austrian zarcie - the kazdy will put on weight), wracm to Haag I am aming Hausruck for dry shoes.  The snapshot isn't better than first and in addition I have the around 2 h into the back In, empty, calm Bad Ischl koncu Zauner - it is a cukierwnia, in ktorej cut down akoniecznie byc bedc in Bad Ischl, held wnetrze in nostaligicznym imperial style, of cakes, tortow to the bolu, not a widomo as the wybrac, not a latwiej is around coffee A sie is deciding odpuscic on that day search large the sniegu and the zajrzec to Salzburga, on the way I am passing Wolfgangsee and I am hitting on intrygujaca buildings - okazalo sie around it is head office of f-my Roadsteads Bull, one snapshot and in droge
in order to for moments stanac on the law of 1 h, special team zbijala icicles (it I don't think so the best name on of the one wielkosc cos of ice) is ktoring wisialy above road Salzburg, is buying garsc goracych kasztanow (4 eur) and ide for the maly walk standard route, of people less niz in the season but the jakos is grey and malo pleasantly Since juz otarlem sie about of Roadsteads of Bull it is a postanowilem zwinac sie quickly around starowki and pojechac to the airport where is finding sie... Of roadsteads Bull Hangar 7 Flugzeugmuseum (Wilhelm-Spazier strasse 7 and, www.hangar-7.com) it is a wyglada
the last snapshot and the powrot to Haag, juz on szczescie without przygod

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olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2231) dodano 28.01.2009 15:41

Ciekawa i wesoło opisana galeria-pozdrawiam.

offca użytkownik offca(posts:54) - User deleted dodano 28.01.2009 14:25

bardzo fajna galeria szczególnie podobaja mi sie fotki 5 6 i 7 Pozdrawiam

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