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Synagogue - many interesting obiektow in Romania, udostepniona to touring but it is necessary zapukac to the door beside and poprosic for for her opening
XVI-wieczna of the Tower of Weavers In the place where a robilem is a zdjecie a sie is finding goods very much pizza restaurant around pizza dracula oczywiscie at the head tzw Black Kościoł.  His massive profile is dominating in the panorama of the old town.
The fire of the city which took place in 1689 also consumed r wooden equipping the church, but walls went black - from here they named iątynię Black Kosciołem.  Unfortunately at present zostala only a name, koscol they renovated and moze and isn't bialy but the napewnie isn't black
Like the latwo sie to domyslec - market in Brasov (Piaţa Sfatului) old perpendicular town hall (called the House of Advice here) around 1420 r, renovated in 1777 r
Sukiennice- Hirsher House, performing the role of a covered market once (Merchant House) and at present housing the restaurant Sa still however places where better without wellington boots not a zagladac These tenements still czekaja for the repair

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