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Map - we went from the entry I-go to ponktu 13 View from the call centre, is in white and sunny. We are going along group 30 - it personal, everyone we know ourselves, there is a wonderful atmosphere. We are passing the first rock forms. It is a bit slippery, we must think at looking around, ajest what to watch... ... here tree wro郾iete into rock.
I am going at the end, I am closing my group, I must keep an eye on everyone . 1 - jug, huge rock tower by the route, on the left. 1 - jug, huge rock tower by the route, on the left.
Rock form - sugar loaf.  The height of this rock has 52 metres. 13 metres of the circumference, but base 3 have the top metres. entire rock of tureens of about 40 000 kilogrammes. I have photographs in turn, that is going along mijamy... ... next rocks ... and picturesque streams, but the snow are giving the even greater charm. ... and picturesque streams, but the snow are giving the even greater charm.
On the left - Organs One more time Organs in close-up One more time Organs in close-up Gothic gate, they here znadowa這ed first entering rocks.  The part of the route to the Gothic Gate is being called Rock city outskirts
Tooth - on the high, slender rock tower an inscription was forged in German language...
...i was put boards commemorative with emphasizing the water level during the flood of 23 June 1844 Bridge of the Devil The Madonna Small Waterfall - silvery small spring is gushing from a dark rock crevice.  During our touring it is frozen.
Big Waterfall, also frozen We are coming back the same with route, putting the sun changed, rocks differently are lighted, otherwise they are looking, photographs can repeat itself.
Cossack One more time Organs Still we came up to the entry point.  There is a restaurant in the vicinity, very nice interior. They are serving the good beer among others with big stiff foam.

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comments to the gallery (8):

mj mj(posts:24) 07.04.2009 20:36

Latem ogl康a si zupe軟ie inne skalne miasto. Zim jest fantastycznie!
Mieszkam niedaleko granicy z Czechami. Pojad tam r闚nie zim...
Gratuluj galerii.

krushyna krushyna(posts:396) 25.01.2009 17:01

CHyba te zimowe podobaj mi si bardziej ni wersja letnia :)

knfred knfred(posts:2455) 21.01.2009 18:33

B喚d闚 nie pope軟ia tylko ten co nic nie robi - wi璚 si nie martw.

wujryszard wujryszard(posts:294) 21.01.2009 18:24

Fajnie jest zobaczy to wszystko jeszcze raz w zupe軟ie innej scenerii... dzi瘯i za "zimowy spacerek"... pozdr

kryjan kryjan(posts:412) 21.01.2009 17:39

A tak si stara豉m. Pozdrawiam

knfred knfred(posts:2455) 21.01.2009 16:17

Fasjnie tam zim,mam nadziej 瞠 i ja poczuj to pi瘯no ju nied逝go.
Sprawd komentarze bo chyba nie wszystkie pasuj do zdj耩.

kryjan kryjan(posts:412) 21.01.2009 12:48

Ju poprawi豉m. Pozdrawiam

kryjan kryjan(posts:412) 21.01.2009 12:44

Dzi瘯i. Mia豉m problem z map i zapomnia豉m po do陰czeniu zdj耩 do niej wr鏂i. Pozdrawiam

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