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In Ayers Rock we slept in so lodgach. The first meeting with ULURU. The mythology of aborigines from the Anangu tribe is saying that at the beginning it was TJUKURPA (dreaming). The Earth was flat and empty, without the light and darkness, and the nature waited for coming of divine heroes who had przynieśc the form and the life. It is these heroes created ULURU (Red Middle), holy top who had byc with witness of all future events. Uluru was a place of crossing IWARA, of sung verses constituting the labyrinth of invisible footpaths running across entire Australia.
Vision (kangaroo), LIRU (poisonous snake) and KUNIJA (python) - totemic ancestors of natives - left the water of the lake for the peak of the Red Middle, in order to śpiewac about everything what could see, in this way creating world through the song. British writer Bruce Chatwin during his walks learnt about sung lines passed on orally from the generation to the generation and he decided przejśc through naked area about whom they told. He was delighted with the vision of world of aborigines. He wrote: got about land with faint footstep, and for them less they took from the Earth, all the less they had to for her oddawac. An Uluru magnificent setting is one of good examples of the interaction of the man and the natural environment. A sie isn't making different the myth of the Anangu tribe of the Creation a lot from explanations geologists are giving which in relation to the Uluru coming into existence.
This gigantic monolith of sandstone, of whom the reddish colour is a result of oxidizing sie of his elements containing iron, is climbing in the oldest region of the world. If there was a time of dreaming at one time, she was it is an age prekambryjska who probably began 3800 million years ago, itself when primaeval oceans and bombed continents were an ultraviolet radiation given off by the sun. The atmosphere consisted of gasses thrown away by powerhouses, and the surface of the land constituted the type of a chemical laboratory, ready for accepting the miracle of the life. Geologists don't know when exactly tem monolith wyskości of 860 n.p.m m. he surfaced from sea depths, but it is certain, that it took place long in front of it before Pangea started pękac, creating odsuwajace sie from oneself continental ice floes. A sie also supposes it is najwiekszy monolith on world, because at least two thirds a sie is finding this mountain below the surface of desert. So Uluru bedąc with one of most secret and interesting geological phenomena on the earth, fully is deserving the estimate this mountain is waking which up at local inhabitants.
Newet today climbing on the one reddish, bochenkowatę mountain is a sacrilege for them. With the first man who in 1873 reached the top - 348 climbing m above the desert - there was an English researcher William Gosse. Using the adhesion of stale areas almost of piaskowca... perpendiculars ...i, above all from the Kamrana help, of one's Afghan driver of camels, Gosse reached the peak, opening the doors to the eastern wall. Gosse in it notes compared this experience to of climbing up the body of the gigantic whale. On its return to the civilization completely prosaically a Sir called rock the name Henry Ayersa ego, of Prime Minister of Australia who financed the expedition.
These two names - Uluru and Ayers Rock - prove about sacred and with świeckiem for nature of the same mountain. Aborigines had to for entire years walczyc with the Australian government whom he appointed here national park in 1977, for it in order can partly zarzadzac of territory and certain restrictions would exist in the access to holy places appearing in myths of their ancestors. At present a climbing isn't being recommended on Uluru, but also a sie isn't forbidding tourists it. However of a lot of waterfalls, ravines and caves with prehistorical cave, confirming pictures obecnośc of man in the sequence of 20000 past years, is unavailable. Falls in these desert sides are included rather in a thinness. Pleasant meeting.
We didn't have szcześcia to the weather in Ayers Rock.  The sun came out sparsely. It is I.  And it is by no means photomontage.
Incessantly they are moving red sandy sand dunes sie as a result of the operation of the wind. In conclusion a few ujęc from the aeroplane.

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dispar użytkownik dispar(posts:5390) dodano 24.08.2010 21:42

Robi wrażenie.

aodai użytkownik aodai(posts:48) dodano 14.05.2010 14:43

Niesamowita galeria !!! Pozazdrościć wyprawy ! ;)

kordula157 użytkownik kordula157(posts:6028) dodano 15.12.2009 15:23

To miejsce jest niezwykłe, nie wiem , czy tam pojadę , jakoś mi nie po drodze, dzięki za możliwość odbycia podróży:)))

marcowadziewczyna użytkownik marcowadziewczyna(posts:1527) dodano 20.10.2009 17:00

fantastyczna sprawa , miejsce i zdjęcia a 37 to mój faworyt :) pozdrawiam

gabriel użytkownik gabriel(posts:42) - User deleted dodano 24.01.2009 17:10

Podobalo się i to bardzo-naprawde ciesze sie ze ta stronka istnieje i rozwija sie.

wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2260) dodano 21.01.2009 15:40

Muchy jakoś nie gryzły.
Te chmurki ponoć uchroniły nas przed upałem, który nie był wcale uciążliwy.
Ale w Cairns - szkoda gadać. Pot lał się strumieniami.

marok użytkownik marok(posts:130) dodano 20.01.2009 22:21

zazdroszcze wycieczi w tak ciekawe miejsce.. fajnie za sa te zdjecia z samolotu - tutaj dokladnie widac ogrom tej skaly..

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