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We said goodbye to Bolivia, again we are crossing the border from Peru. Lake Titicaca, surroundings of the Puno city - we are swimming to Uros islands, and in principle to one of them.  Heavy, black clouds, collecting above us, are not auguring well. We are expecting the downpour. Our anxieties turned out to be premature.  It is momentary increasing clouds, it gave only a charm, for this brief voyage toward islands. The lake uncovered its darkened, more vivid and mysterious packaging before us. Uros islands - it is undoubtedly one of centre-pieces of this region.  Floating wreathed platforms around trzcinowatej of grass - totora, became a place of residence for several dozen families of Uros Native Americans.
The thickness of such a reed island is coming up to 3 m, but the area of the ones bigger, it is an ok of 400 m 2.  Every month she is being added new, topcoat totory. Of islands it is about 40, but only 15 Native Americans made available for touring. Uros Native Americans inhabiting islands, they are dealing with the fishery and the production of souvenirs, but accepting and showing around guests its homesteads constitute the additional source of income. It is also chance, to presenting and selling to tourists its products. The community of islands well is organised.  With Maja one's shops, schools, churches... there is even a small eatery - everything is swimming and everything around totory. Islands are attached to the bottom with special stilts, it is making their free drifting impossible, but... ... if there is such necessity e.g. wedding, stilts are being taken out, a few islands are joined and the event is having wide-ranging effects:)
Uros islands are without a doubt a very interesting place, but it is necessary to realize that there is this place brought into the limelight in commercial cells and as such is not having anything to do with reality. 
And reality, these are huge panels of solar batteries, satellite television, radio, electric heating and mobile phones. 
Of course everything hidden from the eye of the tourist, but very ineptly. Only these children's faces, carrying tracks of whipping with the wind and hot rays of sunshine.  These innocent, inquisitive, sincere looks, these dirty handles, barefooted legs... it is a piece of real islands. Because exactly these youngest, so sincere, spontaneous inhabitants of islands in one's reactions and the behaviour, they are making us aware, that living on an island isn't simple, nice and pleasant.  It is one great show. The same faces, gestures and smiles...    ... scenes directed and every day repeated and rituals - only in one destination - to sell goods.  It is not having it to like everyone, for me didn't appeal.

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moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 08.06.2010 00:04

8 i 6 z wykrzyknikiem!

dawiddrozd użytkownik dawiddrozd(posts:232) dodano 25.01.2009 12:12

6 i 8 moje ulubione...

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 24.01.2009 23:47

Dziękuję za podpowiedź. Pozdrawiam

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 24.01.2009 23:45

"kryjan" - do Indii się wybierz ... do Indii i Nepalu.

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 24.01.2009 22:52

Bardzo ładna galeria, a ja mam coraz większy dylemat - gdzie się wybrać? Zdjęcia z chmurami super i jeszcze 8 ....i dzieci, wychodzi na to że prawie wszystkie. Pozdrawiam

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 24.01.2009 21:34

Gabriel - będę nieskromny - zapraszam do obejrzenia filmu.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 24.01.2009 21:33

Gabriel - potwierdzam słowa Raula, musisz nam uwierzyć.

gabriel użytkownik gabriel(posts:42) - User deleted dodano 24.01.2009 21:33

a 7 - bardzo mi sie podoba

gabriel użytkownik gabriel(posts:42) - User deleted dodano 24.01.2009 21:32

Raul fakt tylko na kieckach-ale one wrecz swieca-wiesz widzialeś to w naturze ufam Ci.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 24.01.2009 21:19

Chmury na zdjęciach 3- 6 faktycznie wyglądają groźnie.
Bardzo trafne spostrzeżenia w komentarzu co do komercji i spontaniczności dzieci.
Anteny satelitrne i baterie słoneczne sam widziałem. Mam tez wątpliwość czy oni tam rzeczywiście cały czas mieszkają , czy przypływają tylko na czas "obsługi" turystów.
Ale mimo wszystko miejsce warte obejrzenia.

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 24.01.2009 20:57

"gabriel" - spójrz troszkę wyżej, tam masz najbliższe galerie, zobacz te jaskrawe kiecki w galerii "jotwu" . One takie są - wściekle jaskrawe, i nic na to nie poradzę. To niesłychanie kolorowa rzeczywistość :) Mam nadzieję, że efekt przesycenia widziałeś tylko na kieckach, bo jeżeli gdzie indziej, to pisz gdzie.

gabriel użytkownik gabriel(posts:42) - User deleted dodano 24.01.2009 20:45

Raul,czytalem i wiem ze sie znasz-blagam nie przesycaj kolorow bo popsujesz wszystko.

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