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Entering a main railway station in Kiev Kiev Sofia Kiev Sofia is one of the most wonderful monuments of Eastern Europe, with UNESCO entered on the list of the world legacy The building constitutes the example of wonderful Rusi architecture of an Orthodox church.  The name derives from famous Hagia Sophia in Constantinopol Monument to the national hero of Ukraine of Bohdan Chmielnicki, it is this man in the background of course;) Monument to Bohdan Chmielnicki of the leader of the Cossack uprising against the Republic in years 1648 - 1654
Ministry of Foreign Matters of Ukraine A belfry, built in years is surpassing the square in terms of 1716 - 1720 The monastery is standing opposite Kiev Sofia Św Orthodox monastery. of Michał of the Archangel One among many of Ukrainian Orthodox churches Baroque eighteenth-century św Orthodox church. of Andrzej by the street św downward slope. of Andrzej of the project Francesca Bartolomeo Rastrellego
Orthodox church nadbramna of the Saint Threesome Lavra Pieczerska in Kiev at present is a registered office of the Ukrainian of Orthodox church The monument to the Mother-homeland is put in the noon part of the city in the Peczersk district on the right bank of the Dnieper 
Square in front of the museum of the history of the Great Home War National museum of the history of Great Home War 1941 - 1945 Monument to the Mother-homeland
Monument to the mother-homeland.  He is huge and he is standing on the highest hill in the city Sister of the Palace of the Culture in Warsaw, inside ordinary flats, in windows is drying being washed Panorama of the capital city of Ukraine Characteristic glass building development, under whom many shops are situated The square of the Independence in Kiev is a place of important state celebrations and cultural parties Fountain on the Square of the Freedom
A Square of the Freedom is a heart of the city Nezależnosti Clobber This many kilometres are from Kiev to Lvov Hotel towering over the Square of the Freedom Ukraine and the column with the Slav divinity Berehynią commemorating regaining independence by Ukraine 
I also visited the Olympic Stadium, on whom as can be seen praca... is boiling on euro 2012 Going up the stadium of the Dynamo Kiev Monument to the most well-known footballer and the coach of Ukrainian Walery Łobanowski
The tasteful situated lock in very city centre is a Mecca for pairs of lovers Rood screen of steel above the funfair Girl attired in the blue dress Local population Całuśna steam on one of an unguarded beaches on the Dnieper

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patryk80 użytkownik patryk80(posts:4815) dodano 21.07.2013 14:54

Zgadza się - panorama najlepsza. Dziwnie wzrok przyciąga pewien szczegół w tej panoramie, po lewej stronie zdjęcia ;)

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2256) dodano 25.01.2009 15:55

Mam też kilka zdjęć z pobytu w Kijowie/przerwa w podróży na Krym/ale bardzo mocno się zastanawiam czy je wprowadzić -jest już kilka galeri kijowskich-zobaczę.Galeria ciekawa-pozdrawiam.

atropacz użytkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 08.01.2009 21:58

Najlepsza oczywiście panorama Kijowa (33). Całkiem przyjemna dla oka ;)

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