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2400 km on Cuba in 2 weeks. 

Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Holguin, Camaguey, Trynidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Matanzas, Pinar Rio del, Havana.

A means of locomotion is a Korean feat of engineering - Sasun (it is probably a brand of Samsung, but I am not reliable). Straight from the factory, still they removed foils by us off seats:) 

Havana Vieja. 
All the way to removing two girls all are next from Havany.
Nice dressed Cubans are encouraging taking a photo. For 1 peso of course amigo. Socialismo o muerte 
Unfortunately a lot in Havana unavoidably is awaiting the latter. 安 square. Francis.  Customary place of wedding and Holy Communion photographs. Who will be first?
Photograph done without the telephoto lens from the tower Jose Martiego.  Around the tower k貫bi oneself tens of Condors.
Jose Marti is a fighter for independence of Cuba from k. Of the 19th century. A determination is enjoying the greatest worship on Cuba. Supposedly he died in his first battle. View on I am Havan甋ng from the commemorating tower Jose Martiego.  In the background, on the left of the middle one can see the piece Capitolio. He looks like Capitol exactly, but it is of course... bigger. Bad buggy versus noble Cubans... Bad buggy large teeth have.  Murale is a track definitely the most being blatant propoagandy. He is of them no end of.
Construction from before 100 years and it is still working!  It is interesting where from they are taking parts...;) Havana of head offices, Chinatown.  There at present very much it is already hard to meet Chineses. Keep an eye on buildings bouncing in the car body and on the red upholstery of the car. Artistic small street in Havana of head offices (at one time tourists weren't being let into this district).  Supposedly it is work of one man. Of such carts there is a plenty.  The most however Order 2107 is meeting (as kt騥 doesn't remember what behind the animal I am inviting it to the gallery Viva Fidel).
Santeria, crossword of African beliefs (mainly Nigeria) and Christianities.  It is hard to observe very ceremonies, because outsiders aren't allowed to see them. According to some statistics he Santeria is practised by even over 3 / 4 Cubans. To choose from to the colour: D And then again 安 square. Francis. My favourite photograph.  Probably even not only from Cuba, but at all. Vedado.  Havany district according to guides resembling NY of the twentieth years. It is necessary well to work hard to state it, but as can be seen in a photo... they will give:) This mist in the street it is a smoke.  So far we don't know where from he got down. It did this remarkable impression, however from local nobody payed attention to it.
How much happiness a packet of ballpoint pens can give... 
For the ordinary Cuban one of goods difficult to buy. Unless you have the peso konwertowalne. In everything is Pewexach. Santiago de Cuba. From here musicians came from Buena Vista Social Club. Next moment our free distributions.  I had emotions as for it a bit mixt up. On one hand great for somebody to do pleasure, on the other it in ultimate settling accounts isn't probably positive matter for these kids next time. At least... perhaps I am exaggerating. Guantanamera.  Guajira, guantanamera... Baracoa.  City, in whom Kolumb ended up on Cuba. There a cross is, who podbno brought Kloumb. He is unfortunately in a closed church.
But he is for this plenty of interesting galleries.
Offroad from Baracoa to Holquin.  Difficult it was, but incredible changes of the landscape (from the jungle to the blood-red earth and the industrial landscape) entirely compensated for the discomfort. Cienfuegos.  Quo Cuba vadis? Transport - even though ways are inferior in the terrible state and it is easy to lose the underbody, we could envy the km motorways.  We managed even one to drive the wrong way up (marking is tragic). Trinidad.  Most interesting in my opinion Havan pose place on Cuba. The Kubaczykom life is passing drowsily.  Every couple of minutes inhabitants are passed in the stillness looking aimlessly.
And say Zdzisiek - wasn't it at one time better?
Churches are in the terrible state.  As a matter of fact they are usually closed. The way between cities, along roadless tracts was sometimes more interesting than very touring. Pinal Rio del.  City on the western side of Cuba. He is feeling enough gloomy. Around tobacco plantations, in it only private on Cuba - Vegas Robaina. Where from did she get down? They told us they had allowed for her to exist because of the incredible quality of cigars. We didn't believe.
Cabaret in Pinal Rio del. the Sing. claims, that second best after Tropicanie.  In Tropicanie we weren't (expensive event), the one very much we liked him. All the more so because there were apart from us no tourists in it. Rides done in the time.  

The house most clearly was very much surprised seeing three pale Poles in the Korean car, on the Cuban earth and to it with Japanese apparatuses in hands; P Landscape from the Vinales valley.  Views are washing the breath. Here unfortunately he only fit one. Quasi-karnawa, next idea for earning a few konwertowalnych peso. 
It is then again Havana, we made a round trip. Removing from our Casy.  Casa is the simplest way on pesos convertibles. To a maximum it is possible to have two double rooms. The majority of owners very much is obeying it. By it a certain lady in Havanie ran the simply regular hotel. At some point she probably had around 8 persons staying with . Crime of the curtain
Done from Malacon in Havanie.  Defensive Havany fort. Supposedly badly he was built and completely he proved false. We liked him, like entire Cuba as a matter of fact:)
Done from Malacon in Havanie.  Defensive Havany fort. Supposedly badly he was built and completely he proved false. We liked him, like entire Cuba as a matter of fact:)

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comments to the gallery (21):

gabi u篡tkownik gabi(posts:2670) dodano 28.05.2015 12:34

Atropacz, podoba mi si Twoja Kuba, zar闚no wyb鏎 zdj耩 jak i spostrze瞠nia. Szkoda, ze ju nic nie tworzysz.

ma_dzio_szek u篡tkownik ma_dzio_szek(posts:3) dodano 12.02.2011 12:20

Ciekawa galeria i ciekawe opisy. Wybieram si w listopadzie, mam nadziej 瞠 przywioz przynajmniej tak ciekawe zdj璚ia ;)

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 28.02.2010 20:04

Bull, Watcher, wielkie dzieki. Mnie Kuba tez zauroczyla. Na pewno tam wroce. Pozdrawiam :)

watcher u篡tkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 27.02.2010 13:41

Dobra galeria z ciekawym komentarzem.

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 27.08.2009 23:37

jarfry - mo瞠sz mi nie wierzy, ale po przejechaniu praktycznie ca貫j Kuby, ludzi w ko軼iele nie widzia貫m prawie wcale, a 8/10 ko軼io堯w, kt鏎e chcieli鄉y zobaczy by這 zamkni皻ych. Co do biedy - tam ludzie naprawd nie najadaj si do syta (s造szeli鄉y to nie raz od nich samych). Wystarczy zreszt wej嗆 do pierwszej z brzegu restauracji 瞠by zobaczy, 瞠 3/4 da z karty nie ma. Szczerze m闚i帷, po obejrzeniu Twojej galerii jaki czas temu (a zw豉szcza komentarzy) mia貫m podobne odczucia do Twoich tylko w drug stron. No, ale mo瞠 po prostu nie mia貫m szcz窷cia zobaczy tego co Ty widzia貫, w ko鎍u to by tylko dwutygodniowy urlop. Pozdrawiam i dzi瘯i za komentarz :)

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 03.02.2009 00:09

Ok, doda貫m opisy. Po 3 miesi帷ach znalaz貫m troch czasu, a zw豉szcza ochoty ;P

porzeczka u篡tkownik porzeczka(posts:344) dodano 20.01.2009 00:30

Super zdj璚ia, maj dusz! Bardzo klimatyczna galeria, ale te komentarze?
Rozumiem, 瞠 nie ka盥y ma talent do pi瘯nych opis闚 i czasami fotografia m闚i wszystko,
ale ja - po obejrzeniu Twojej galerii - mam niedosyt informacji o tych intryguj帷ych miejscach,
kt鏎e odwiedzi貫! Szkoda...

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 05.01.2009 23:06

Doda貫m kilka fotek, wi璚 sens dywagacji na temat numerk闚 pozostanie mi璠zy mn i felixem ;)

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 02.01.2009 14:42

Dzi瘯i i r闚nie wszystkiego dobrego! Cho 38 i 45 b璠 broni jak niepodleg這軼i ;P

felix u篡tkownik felix(posts:87) dodano 31.12.2008 21:09

My郵, 瞠 galeria niewiele straci豉by - a nawet mo瞠 zyska豉 - bez zdj耩 nr 2, 5, 17, 31, 35, 38 i 45. Najlepsze 篡czenia noworoczne!

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 30.12.2008 21:37

A kt鏎e najmniej przypad造 Ci do gustu?

felix u篡tkownik felix(posts:87) dodano 29.12.2008 10:33

Zgadzam si z og鏊nym przes豉niem poprzednich wpis闚: galeria "klimatyczna" bardziej ni edukacyjna. Taki format te jest OK. Z paru zdj耩 mo積a by jednak zrezygnowa bez szczeg鏊nej straty.

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 28.12.2008 23:01

"Wg mnie" lepiej niech ka盥y sam sobie wyrobi opini na podstawie zdj耩 ;)

doris u篡tkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 28.12.2008 20:31

W tej galerii powinno by wi璚ej stwierdze typu : wg mnie, moim zdaniem itd. Galeria du穎 by zyska豉. Pozdrawiam :-)

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 28.12.2008 16:29

Dok豉dnie tak, w samym 鈔odku Kuby na po逝dniowym wybrze簑. Obowi您kowe miejsce jak ju si kto znajdzie na Kubie.

magg u篡tkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 28.12.2008 13:45

W opisie do zdj璚ia 33 napisa貫 ,瞠 Trinidad to najciekawsze poza Hawan miejsce na Kubie.
Czy瘺y tam by豉 miejscowo嗆 o takiej samej nazwie jak wyspa Trinidad u wybrze篡 Wenezueli ?

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 26.12.2008 17:06

"atropacz" - mia貫 okazj odwiedzi jeden z ostatnich bastion闚 komunistycznej dyktatury. Widzia貫 u鄉iech na twarzach ludzi, dla kt鏎ych dolar jest bogiem, a ci篹ar re磨mu Castro - codzienno軼i. Mia貫 tez okazj zobaczy miasta, ulice, budynki, samochody, na kt鏎ych ten re磨m odcisn掖 swoje pi皻no.
My郵, 瞠 masz wiele w豉snych spostrze瞠, uwag i przem郵e. Konfrontacja tej enklawy ub鏀twa, n璠zy i biedy z naszymi realiami - musi je rodzi.
Prezentacja zdj耩 jest doskona陰 okazj, aby si tym wszystkim z nami podzieli ... oczywi軼ie je瞠li tylko b璠ziesz mia ochot i czas Ci na to pozwoli ;)

knfred u篡tkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 26.12.2008 16:43

Mo積a przecie napisa o w豉snych odczuciach i spostrze瞠niach.

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 26.12.2008 14:03

Troch nie rozumiem komentarzy co do braku opis闚. Mog oczywi軼ie napisa "Kuba鎍zyk odpoczywaj帷y na gzymsie" tylko co to doda do zdj璚ia. Jak jest ka盥y widzi. Po prostu obserwowa貫m ludzi i robi貫m im zdj璚ia takimi jakimi sa. Nie ma tu 瘸dnego "ukrytego dna". Trasa podr騜y jest opisana. Sk康 s zdj璚ia te.

zielas u篡tkownik zielas(posts:103) dodano 26.12.2008 12:36

no w豉郾ie - ciekawa opowie嗆, ale szkoda, 瞠 bez opis闚...

atropacz u篡tkownik atropacz(posts:165) dodano 25.12.2008 22:39

Ja r闚nie witam :) Juz jest troch lepiej z opisami, a b璠zie jeszcze lepiej.

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