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Consecutive stage of the travel, we are going to the La Paz. The road is leading lakes in length Titicaca and lets enjoy eyesight with interesting views. Andean volcanic massif in the mountains Cordillera Real.  The highest peaks reach 6462 m. The snow is covering these hills all through the year. We will approach the place, where we will cross to the other lakeside.
It is exactly a Tiquina pass.  We are leaving the coach who will be transported on the not much wider raft from it. Alone we are swimming by motor boat.  The journey from Copacabany lasts round about 4 hours, but she is very attractive scenically.
The Bolivian pilot commenced deducting - five, four, three, two, one... ... we welcome in the La Paz.  We saw a superb view. La Paz - it is an administrative capital city of Bolivia.  A Sucre is the second constitutional capital city, but in the La Paz is just finding it oneself the seat of government, of the parliament and the president. She is also, with, industrial and financial shopping centre of Bolivia. Her location 3600 - 4100 n.p.m m., is making the capital city from it only put in world. down there, 500 m more low at the foot of the volcanic Illimani massif is visible dense centre of this 1.5 millionth city.
From the hotel window very well an amphitheatrical building development of the city and the closest monument are visible - Św Church. Francis. A forecourt is a place, where from the morning till late evening hours the life is blooming.  Church stairs at Plaza San Francisco, became the meeting place, of conversations, of chats. We are supposed to see the chance of dwellers dressed in their Sunday best of the capital city.
Fragment of modern buildings of the centre.  It here has the beginning main communications artery of the city - of Elas Prado. Against all warnings whom I read in available sources, I didn't have a feeling that the city was dangerous.  Perhaps it is happiness, but even during lonely evening walks in backstreets narrow, winding and not always well lighted of the city, I didn't have feeling the threat. This city in every of it districts is pulsating with life.  Steep streets full of cars, high-density housing, omnipresent street trade, colours of inhabitants, are granting unique exotic character this city. It is necessary however to mark, that except for a few main squares and streets, this city about whom it is possible to enthuse isn't. 
The monotony of red buildings, the maze of narrow streets, elevations scraped off and unfinished construction - that's all influences the disadvantageous appearance of the city.
Św basilica. Francis at Plaza Pedro de Murillo, whom in May a Pope John Paul II visited 1988.  A commemorative plaque is commemorating this event. Unfortunately the rain deprived us of the view of hundreds of colourfully dressed inhabitants who took a liking to this place for spending the leisure time.
From the more distant perspective, the building of the Basilica is fading in the high-density housing of the city. Mercado de the Brujos fate, i.e. the market of witches:) it is a place, where it is possible to get herbs, preparations, statuettes, dried foeti of llamas and other magic accessories, serving secret practitioners. Innumerable number of shops and stalls, it is a perfect opportunity to the purchase of small souvenirs and presents.  There is some magic in this place indeed, smells reaching from everywhere of herbs and preparations, colours of passers-by and shop shop windows, skins of snakes, of crocodiles and these dried foeti... there must be something in it.
Therefore populous crowds of tourists are visiting this place from the entire world. Let us look still at the La Paz from a beauty spot. Another naj - stadium in the La Paz is an only put stadium of world.  The team of Bolivia is winning all meetings on it practically.
A few kilometres from this extensive behemoth, a very interesting creature of the nature is, as a result of erosion hillsides came into existence - Lunar Valley (Valle de Luna la)... but about it already in other gallery. 
I thank for the visit.

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raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 12.05.2010 17:26

Dziękuję Borek, ja również bardzo miło wspominam i z przyjemnością wracam do tych miejsc w galeriach Pipola. Tak więc nie zastanawiaj się, tylko odczekaj do końca października i drogę :)

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2265) dodano 16.01.2009 16:52

Wszystko bardzo ciekawie pokazane i skomentowane-super -pozdrawiam.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 30.12.2008 08:18

Miasto położone jest w wielkiej kotlinie i bardzo ciekawie wyglądaja ujęcia z góry. Widzę , że miałeś dobrą pogodę i widoczność.
Na nas duuuuże wrażenie zrobiły stragany "czarownic" z suszonymi płodami lam i innymi "tajemnymi akcesoriami".
Miło było wrócić do tych miejsc.

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 27.12.2008 12:36

:) Oj Doris ... to się nazywa kobieca przenikliwość, nic się przed Tobą nie ukryje :)

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 27.12.2008 10:08

Galeria jak zwykle wzorowa, ale... w obrazie jak i komentarzach " czuję chłód "- czego nie ma np. w galeriach Indie ;-)))) Pozdrawiam

raul użytkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 26.12.2008 22:29

Dziękuję ;)

felix użytkownik felix(posts:87) dodano 26.12.2008 18:06

Galeria modelowo wyważona: trochę natury, trochę kultury; trochę życia, trochę krajobrazu. Gratuluję!

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