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We are swimming away... this way we finished:) so let us swim. One's spell is revealing Copacabana from the completely different side. Isla is our purpose del of Solos - Island of the Sun. The journey lasts round about two hours...
... the catamaran is definitely more high-speed and more comfortable, but this slow shaky boat, lets longer be pleased with a view of passed rocks.  He lets also more approach them.  Defeating rock passes, it is an also not announced thrill of emotion. We are on an island.  This piece of the land about dł 10 and the szer of 5 km, it most important of islands of the lake. On it about 2000 Native Americans live. A proud representative of inhabitants welcomes us, offering... ... very beautiful, colourful napkins.
This island, it is a real place of worship, it is a saint island, where the Inków gave birth to wg. of beliefs oneself Father Sun - Tayta Inti - the incan sun-god and everyone other their gods.  Ajmara Native Americans and Keczua believe that here a Viracocha god was also born Inti father and first Inkowie - Manco Capac and the Huaca Mum. It is this island gave the name for the whole lake.  At one time she was being called Rock of the Puma, what in a incan manner a Titicaca sounds. The image of the puma was also a symbol of the god and as such they were worshipping him. The road for the peak of the island isn't simple, it is necessary to remember about the considerable height who much is lowering the physical fitness.  Essential frequent rests are happening, after every a few minutes march. A superb view who is being unfolded during it is compensating for this inconvenience of walk. Wg. of the legend terraces of the Island of the Sun, fathered heads of the saint maize.  Every year, for her sets were sent out into the most distant parts of the incan Empire in order to hallow local sets and the local population.
I don't know how many in this legend of the truth...  ... but terraces as can be seen are. We are coming back... the setting sun seems to say goodnight... ... for rising moon;) 
I thank for the visit.

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kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 30.11.2010 23:30

Galeria i miejsce, cudeńko. Może kiedyś zobaczę ...

maniana użytkownik maniana(posts:269) dodano 23.01.2009 08:06

Widoki zachęcające, podparte słowem. Z przyjemnością czyta sięTwoje komentarze.

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 20.12.2008 17:03

Widzę , że przypłyneliście do Wyspy Słonća z innej strony niż my. Chyba bardziej surowej.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2761) dodano 19.12.2008 20:13

Nr.21 przepiękne - galeria na poziomie - gratuluje miejsca i zdjęć.

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