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The title brightly determined that we were already in Bolivia, but I would like to show a few pictures still from the borderland. It is small Peruvian still to surprise villages who are able picturesquely with situated, beautiful sacred buildings. They are also small intrusive for hunter of tourists, who for passengers leaving the country, will present the essence of the local customs and folklore... ... young llamas being likeable...
... and beautiful, regional clothes. During a trip it isn't possible to be bored, it is what for to look. We also finally have the chance to the first meeting with the lake Titicaca.  A few moments in a beauty spot, lets look more close at this large large piece of water (8,500 km 2) However he has no doubts, that it is largest on the Earth mountain and only put lake (3,800 n.p.m m.) navigable lake of world.
High hills surrounding them from everywhere cause that it is also very attractive scenically. 165 km of the length, 85 breadths and 230 depths causes that it is the biggest container of the fresh water in the South America. On the lake a few natural islands and about 40 artificial islands are (Uros), inhabited by Uros Native Americans.  To the lake who practically is bezodp造wowe, 25 rivers are flowing. But let us leave the lake for a moment, a few sips of cola to the route and let us cross this border... because in the end we are supposed to travel to Bolivia:) It is exactly a border on the Peruvian side.  There beneath this arch in the distance, in transit a metal disc was put... :)
Still only a few formalities celno - passport... ... and Bolivia made a stop with hole.  Our purpose is Copacabana, small town moved away of 8 km from the border, so the journey will last for the moment. Delightfully situated on the river lake Titicaca little city, a few thousand inhabitants are settling. Hotels and boarding houses and the well-developed offer of tourist services, are attesting to the fact that this place is a frequent stop on the road. We are observing the sleepy life of inhabitants...  ... heaps of stalls and shops with souvenirs, we want to see something else - let us walk farther.
Sacopenapa... this name most probably isn't saying too much - it is name 400 of millenary Rio district de Janeiro.  Today this district around 4 with one-kilometre beautiful beach the very - Copacabana. But let us start from the beginning.  In the central point of the city we are finding the, named also Basilica of the Blessed candle Mother of God with Mother of God from the Lake.  In it is it, in the main altar, a beautiful character is. This modest sculpture is not only a patron of Bolivia, but also inhabiting the coast of the lake Titicaca inclusive with the Peruvian side. When in XIX in a copy of the beautiful character was carried out and they transported to the Brazilian metropolis, Rio city hall, for gracing this event changed the name of the Sacopenapa district - on Copacabana.  Since then, our associations around Copacaban are explicit - one of the most beautiful beaches of world. Unfortunately, making photographs inside the Basilica is forbidden and I cannot describe images of the wonderfully gilded altar and the beautiful character. In front of the Basilica, we were witnesses of the ceremony of blessing cars.  After ceremonial mass in this intention, owners of festively decorated vehicles, personally are complementing the ritual, blessing cars... with beer:) Lorries...
... and personal, all hazel brown foam churned up is flooding.  It is chance of to do commemorative family photographs whom busily local photographers are exploiting. Market square in front of the church... ... and everyday street, neighbourly chit-chat. Leaving I am Copacaban甋ng we can admire wonderful situating the small town... ... and charm of nearby small bays. But second... before we say goodbye to the city, we will visit one of the most beautiful islands of the lake Titicaca.
Copacabana from the side of the lake. We are swimming away... http://obiezyswiat.org/index.php?gallery=5857

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baracuda77 u篡tkownik baracuda77(posts:3570) dodano 11.07.2013 15:26

33 oraz lamy-urocze:)Pozdrawiam

beata-zbychu u篡tkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 13.04.2011 07:55

Witamy- fajne miejsca - podoba這 si tu i tam wszystko nam- he, he. Pozdrawiamy

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 15.02.2011 14:37

Dzi瘯uj bardzo mi造m Paniom :)

agata_checktravel u篡tkownik agata_checktravel(posts:107) dodano 15.02.2011 13:06

U lama lama, rzeczywi軼ie 豉dna. Ale m鎩 typ to 16, pod colow markiz, chocia Boliwia to chyba bardziej koka ni cola.
ζdnie tam, pozdrawiam

kryjan u篡tkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 30.11.2010 23:26

Pi瘯na galeria. Ch皻nie zobacz nieznany mi kawa貫k 安iata. Pozdrawiam

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 23.08.2010 01:15

Dzi瘯uj bardzo Moniko :)
Po酥ieszy貫m si :)
Sama widzisz ... 酥ieszy si nie warto ... ;)

moneeq u篡tkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 17.08.2010 20:23

35 piekne Raul!

w odpowiedzi na Twojego zyczeniowego posta odpowiedz brzmi: NIE MOJE <stety? czy nie?>

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 12.05.2010 19:50

W豉郾ie po to tu jeste鄉y Margo, zobaczy troch tego 鈍iata u innych i podzieli si w豉snymi wspomnieniami. Mi這, 瞠 wpad豉 :)

margo u篡tkownik margo(posts:2557) dodano 28.10.2009 20:37

Na to wygl康a, 瞠 urz康zi豉m dzi sobie wiecz鏎 boliwijski. Zazdroszcz tak dalekich podr騜y, ale dzi瘯i ksi捫kom Cejrowskiego i Waszym zdj璚iom mog sobie posmakowa tego kawa趾a 鈍iata. Dzi瘯i bo sama chyba nigdy tam nie dotr.

kordula157 u篡tkownik kordula157(posts:6038) dodano 25.10.2009 21:08

Ja w sprawie mojej Indianki, mo瞠 jest podobna , ale ona jest u Ciebie w Boliwii, moja by豉 fotografowana w Peru w ma貫j miejscowo軼i Maca w rejonie Colca. One s takie podobne, :)

hana u篡tkownik hana(posts:198) dodano 26.02.2009 17:52

No to odby豉m fascynuj帷 podr騜, w dodatku nie ruszaj帷 si z domu. 安ietna galeria! Pozdrawiam:)

klaudia1999 u篡tkownik klaudia1999(posts:23) dodano 25.02.2009 09:56

bardzo fajna galeria ale... Najbardziej podoba造 mi si zdj璚ia z lam. TE ZDJECIA S TAKIE FAJNE!!!

cameron u篡tkownik cameron(posts:260) dodano 21.02.2009 22:40

Jak zwykle znakomita galeria. Pozdrawiam

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 24.12.2008 01:34

11 - jak najbardziej dziekuj, 9 - obie formy s poprawne.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie ;)

doris u篡tkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 23.12.2008 21:47

Przepraszam, ale przy fot. 9,11 dalej mi co nie pasuje... Pozdrawiam cieplutko ;-)

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 20.12.2008 19:18

"zibid" - postaram si da z siebie wi璚ej ;)

zibid u篡tkownik zibid(posts:2270) dodano 20.12.2008 17:21

Dobra "obie篡鈍iatowa" galeria,wyczerpuj帷y komentarz. Ale na dych to za ma這. Pozdrawiam

filmdil u篡tkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 20.12.2008 16:50

I znowu tam jeste鄉y - tylko i a tyle.

mocar u篡tkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 19.12.2008 20:09

Ciekawie i pi瘯nie oddane.Pozdr闚ka !

dawiddrozd u篡tkownik dawiddrozd(posts:232) dodano 18.12.2008 18:40

Super galeria! Bardzo fajnie si ogl康a這. Najbardziej urzek造 mnie foty ludzi.

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 17.12.2008 20:41

Patrz i sam nie wiem, na 2 jakby ko軼i馧 w pe軟ej krasie ... ale te kolorowe stroje na bia造m tle na 3 ... nie wiem i dlatego s oba :)

raul u篡tkownik raul(posts:2023) dodano 17.12.2008 20:37

Tak "borek" :) ... tak, ale nie potrafi貫m wybra, kt鏎y kadr lepszy, a mo瞠 mi podpowiesz ?

doris u篡tkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 17.12.2008 20:10

Nie podoba mi si... 瘸rtuj -hi,hi. NA PEWNO mo積a PATRZE i PATRZE i PATRZE.... i delektowa si. W Acapulco mieszka豉m w hotelu o tej nazwie ;-) Pozdrawiam

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