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Gubbio is laid amongst forests on the Monte Ingino side of a mountain.  He is one of the old towns in Umbrii. They were established in III in p.n.e through the Umbrians as Tota Inkuvina. In the bottom part of the city we can see saint Franciszek's XIII eternal church. Near it Tiratoio is (Balcony of weavers).  At one time in the shadow of her arches drying wool was being stretched. View from above to the św church. Franciszek and the Balcony of weavers. Palazzo deand Consoli are the most characteristic element of the city. With picturesque small streets we are moving on up
We are pursuing the XIV eternal cathedral in the end into the vicinity, where from we can admire the city. High altar at the department. The cathedral is being decorated with beautiful XIII eternal stained glass. Right at the chair Palazzo Ducale is, of whom initiated construction in 1476 Federico will give the year Motefeltro, Urbino prince. With winding and narrow small streets with small streets we can start slowly descending to the lower part of the city.
Raw stone walls decorated with flowers are granting unique character this place. We are reaching the fountain deand Matti in the end (Fountains of Madmen).  The legend is propagating, that who went round it three times lost it senses. Beautiful koniowiąz - today than not-used We are reaching Palazzo deand Consoli in the end.  Construction of this huge palace in 1332 Gattaponte began the year. Today be Museo Civico, of whom famous plates are a showpiece written iguwińskie with Etruscan and Latin writing system. Decorative window in Palazzo deand Consoli.
Old tenements with neoclassical facades being situated at Piazza Signoria della On against Palazzo deand Consoli Palazzo is Pretoria.  The building dates from XIV in. and is being occupied at present by municipal authorities.
Palazzo deand Consoli around every stony looks enjoyably. The XIII San church Giovanni Battista, uplifted in the place of the old cathedral.  The facade and the belfry are built in the style Romanesque. A św basilica is situated on a Monte Ingino peak. Ubalda (it is interesting who could hear generally speaking about so saint).  There remains are also sitting down of it saint in the crystal glass coffin. Unfortunately it was not given for me there to reach. Every year 15 May is treating here (supposedly not stopping for the XIII century) holiday the Festa La deand Ceri (Holiday of Candles), whom three teams of men are taking part in a race to the hilltop carrying three wooden poles during.  Nothing beats the tradition. In the end small film curiosity.  In this city an action of Italian series was located Matteo Don River. On television a Polish version just appeared of these series, of whom the action was located in Sandomierz. You can alone which more beautiful city judge.

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ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 11.12.2008 09:41

Brawo kri-kri za spostrzegawczość i uważne czytanie opisów :). Złośliwy chochlik zadziałał, miało być oczywiście XIV w. Pozdrawiam.

kri-kri_boy użytkownik kri-kri_boy(posts:46) dodano 10.12.2008 14:48

Dla mnie bomba! Uwielbiam środkowe Włochy - byłem w Toskanii - teraz jak widzę czas na Umbrię - zachęciłeś mnie z całą pewnością :-) - tylko czy katedra na zdjęciu 7 jest na pewno z IV wieku? - troche taka mało "rzymska" architektura ;-)

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 07.12.2008 16:49

W Asyżu byłam - faktycznie widzi się podobieństwo. Bardzo podobają mi się całe "Włochy" i w związku z tym ta galeria oczywiście jest na TAK. Pozdrawiam :-)

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