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Island on Nilu near the centre of Cairo.  In formal arabszczyźnie an island is an al-dżazira, in the Egyptian pronunciation El-Gezira - still she is simply called. Courtyard of the Ibn Tuluna mosque from IX in. with covered with the fountain inside and with spiral minaret. View on the city from the citadel; on the horizon of the pyramid gizańskie. Citadel, courtyard of the mosque Mohamed's An-Nasr, in the background of the dome and minarets of the mosque of Alego Muhammad. Historical cannons on the Cairo citadel.  In the vicinity a Museum of the Army is situated. It is romantically, but also operationally.  About the flirtation of Egypt with the USSR in years 60 - of the ones and 70 - of the ones XX in. MiG brands resemble aeroplanes
and Suchoj. In front of the Museum of the Army.  This photograph is illustrating interests of an elderly gentlemen. I mean of course MiGa- 21. View from the citadel: mosque of the sultan of Hassan (lighted on the left) is bigger than it seems - height of walls of 36 m, of minaret of 68 m. Inside the mosque of the sultan of Hassan 4 huge naves are situated, so-called iwany.  Four, since in everyone iwanie they were teaching one of 4 schools of the Islamic law. In a photo eastern iwan with the mihrabem indicating direction of Mecca. On streets of Cairo quite a lot still of monuments of the motorization from countries of the camp of the room and the socialism. Frequently in the Cairo street it is possible still to see the Polonaise.  If only to drive the car in this city it is necessary to have eyes around the head. If he isn't, this many mirrors are needed, how many is in this taxi.

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doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 30.11.2008 09:31

Borek ma rację: dorzuć... Pozdrawiam :-)

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