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Aboard I am beginning Boeing 747 over 24 journey an hour long from Frankfurt, through Singapore, to Sydney.  A waft is already felt Australii-na aeroplane the big kangaroo but clothes of stewardesses have patterns into boomerangs. Inside one can't see the end of seats.  Places not a zawiele, in the end it is only a turystyczna... class Everyone fortunately has it monitor, and to choose from we have tens of films. In the end somehow it is necessary to take up enough of hours. Change in Singapore let me see one from few still of new Airbus and 380.  Unfortunately I wasn't this lucky one who could for them to fly. After 2. hours I am coming back to my 747 and I am moving at the target of my travel. After the arrival it was necessary neatly to sleep the first day off.  Second I set off early in the morning for the centre. I didn't know until the end of what to expect. First a tower with a view, high over 300 metres loomed into view.  Nothing else doesn't stay how to drive up and to examine the city. He turns out to be the centre densely developed with tower blocks.  I am managing to notice the bridge and the opera. They seem close, but it is only an illusion how later it turned out.
I managed somehow to hit without the map.  View like from postcards and travel programs. There is an opera. Also most... is emerging ... with groups of people who are climbing for his peak.  It is looking out horribly because after all it is a height of 120 metres. Everyone are saying that it is a compulsory position amongst visiting Sydney. So I am waiting for the better weather and I am deciding to enter. I donned overalls, I passed the fast course and the examination with breathalyser and somehow I managed to enter.  It is worthwhile waiting for a sunny day, because the view is stretching then to a lot of kilometres. As it turned out it isn't at all so terribly.  The entry is tiring, but on the way we are doing quite a lot of stops. The tutor of the group is interjecting stories about the city and he is showing his main attractions. Only what it is horrifying price, unfortunately it is considerable expense and 400 zloty needs to count on such a climbing. Using the fine weather I am going to the cruise on the bay.  In a photo view on the city centre.
With night the city completely is disguising.  The illumination causes the unusual image. In spite of the fact that there is an evening the city still is pulsating with life. Nobody so quickly is going to bed here. I had the consecutive day in the plan visit in the zoo.  Unfortunately then again the rain and the weather are thwarting plans. However he doesn't make sense to sit in the flat, so I am moving cities to the other side. The fog and the rain cause, that the visibility isn't best.  There are an oceanarium and a park of wild animals fortunately indoors. The first koali... view
... and of wallaby.  They look like kangaroos, but they are from them smaller. The oceanarium offers this tunnels, he is happening that above the head a shark or also a ray will flow.  From here I am going farther, and he is my purpose 'The Rocks'. Here time as if he stopped, the oldest part of the city, for whom the appearance didn't change from many already of years.  Buildings stayed in unchanged and above all for intact form. Walking farther on the centre I notice tracks above the street. 'Monorail' a circle is doing cities around the body. The total ride lasts not longer than 20 minutes.  I am getting off in 'Darling Harbour'... ... where the exhibition of the boat just lasts...
... and a museum of the jacket is situated. The destroyer and a submarine it is only outside exhibit items museum.  Indoors she is introduced to the museum rich history of seafaring men from the period of a few hundred years. Of next day there is a sun, so I am using it and by ferry I am swimming to the zoo. As similarly as in the park of wild animals little bear are a centre-piece. First such a view on the entire centre. As can be seen there are not only typical Australian animals here.  There are also elephants or zebra apart from giraffes.
Day in the name of  .. contact with the nature.  I am sailing out of the zoo on ship to the open ocean to the meeting with whales. The leaflet is guaranteeing it on 100 % both indeed after a bit water is starting spraying and something grey appears. Everyone are rushing for doing photographs, but after a few seconds no longer he has the whale. Since I am a fan I am doing the rugby everything if only to get tickets for the Saturday match whom all newspapers are trumpeting and stations.  Miraculously it is thriving and I am one around over 80 you of lucky ones who can watch the match of two best teams of world. Matches of Australia with New Zealand are always cut and nobody is forgiving even for a second. A consecutive day is a visit on beaches.  As first Coogee. Sunbathers are missing, either because there is a midwinter.  Specially one can't see it, but there are only 20 steps. For inhabitants it quite coldly and everyone walk quite warmly dressed. Only I in the short sleeve. Going farther I am coming across so for it the cliffs, characteristic of the entire area.
And these are already Bondi, one of the most famous beaches of world and the paradise for surfers how they are talking about her.  Unfortunately on account of the temperature, of amateurs of the board few. At times the landscape seems more lunar than seaside. When I rushed out from Sydney a spring started becoming.  Immediately almost 30 ranks made themselves up, streets swarmed from people and the city gathered momentum. I managed to see the first surfer only from the aeroplane making a start from the airfield in Sydney. I spent months in Australia 2 and from here I set off deep into of country to Melbourne, Alice Springs and Cairns.  It is hard to say goodbye and to get back home, particularly that one can see this pictures. Fortunately it is not yet a complete end of my holidays.  Before me 3 days in Singapore. Still view on Light blue Tops and it is necessary for good to say goodbye to sie from Sydney.

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beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 14.01.2010 08:05

Piękna galeria z tak odległego dla nas końca świata.

krefcik2 użytkownik krefcik2(posts:2) dodano 27.11.2008 23:58

Chwilowo mam sporo zajęć żeby dodać nowe galerie ale myślę że niedługo coś się uda wstawić. Na pewno miłe pochwały do tego zachęcają :)

zbik użytkownik zbik(posts:246) dodano 26.11.2008 23:50

Pod koniec odczułem jakby nagły skrót.
Na pewno masz jeszcze więcej zdjęć.... Kiedy następne galerie?

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2699) dodano 26.11.2008 21:45

Ciekawa i piękna galeria - gratuluje !

zielas użytkownik zielas(posts:103) dodano 26.11.2008 21:19

Fajna galeria, ciekawe opisy do zdjęć.


magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 26.11.2008 19:06

Może nie wszystkie zdjęcia tak udane jak 16 czy 17 ale całościowo robi dobre wrażenie i pokazuje Sydney na różne sposoby.

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