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This city is able to enrapture still before they to him come.  Situated on the edge wysoczyzny of the right-bank Vistula valley, with brick lump is growing above surrounding them from everywhere zielen. The oldest tracks of the existence of the castle come from XI in. but with the first important date in the history of the city it 1228 year when Konrad Mazowiecki imported it to the ground Chełmno the Order of Teutonic Knights.  Chełmno became the principal city of the order and the komturii registered office to 1250 of year. They are surrounding the Chełmno Old Town survive almost completely, unique in this respect in the European scale, curtain walls.  They already in the second half came into existence XIIIw.a got the current height during the reign of the king of the August's Zygmunt in XVIw. Length survive 2270 m is taking walls out what 90 constitutes % of original condition. Along curtain walls numerous towers and towers whom it survived in different degree 23 were built. It is one of them - Girlish Tower.  At present here a Knight's Army is having registered office from Chełmno. The fact that Chełmno became the capital city of the teutonic state enjoyed considerable influence for the swing with which the city was planned.  They came into existence among others 3 big and a few smaller temples. From them she is most important Church of the NMP Assumption (parish church).
Inside of the parish church - it is three-aisled hall with the allocated chancel.  Here a first-class Gothic sculpting decor is found. A meluzyna is an interesting accessory, candlestick in the shape of the head of the deer.  Reportedly he is responding to the humidity of air - turning to the altar wzkazuje good weather, whereas toward the portal is heralding deszcz.Czy that's true I don't know, because he could not decide and he looked precisely aside. A sanctuary of the Painful Mother of God is in a chapel of the north nave, year with the image crowned in 1754. An asymmetrical facade is a characteristic feature of this building - the right tower is much lower.  They didn't finish for her because of the fire, of covering up and later of lack of funds for continuing construction. Yes, tak...te problems investment are already from time immemorial well-known. Two next sacred objects it visible in the foreground św chapel. of Marcin from the XIV century, and in the distance św church. of Ghost.
Św Koścół. the Ghost was uplifted in years 1280 - 90, whereas at the beginning of XIV in. a tower was built on.   From the beginning of his being he acted as the church przyszpitalnego. Close by a hotel is situated 
Chełmno inn with the nice decor of the facade.

Opposite we can see the Gunpowder Tower.  In the second half XV in. she was bricked in, they increased and they covered with the roof. She performed the role of the arsenal. Today there a part of the collection of a museum of the Chełmno Earth is. Several dozen metres farther, after going through by the gate in the curtain wall, a sie is spreading out the view on the graveyard laid on a few terraces. View on a monastery complex of Sisters of Mercy.
The formation of the monastery is connected with importing the order of Cistercian nuns who apart from monastic buildings built the pw church in year 1261 to Chełmno. św. of the St John the Baptist and św. of Jan of the Evangelist. In the XV century the monastery changed the rule for painstaking.  In 1882 Sisters of Mercy who today are running a household here seized him of welfare. Tower of the noon wing built in years 1897 - 99. In Chełmno parks and places of walks aren't missing, of the ones indeed of the oases needed for every city of green and the peace.  With one of such places it is a New Park. They are located in the place of the ancient moat and they are stretching out from the Water Rd to the Grudziądz Gate.
The Rydygiera park is created in 1951, located in sasiedztwie of the Grudziądz Gate.  Ludwik Rydygier was a famous Polish surgeon, of whom the life was for a lot of years associated with Chełmno. After the walk with park lanes we are returning to monuments.  It isn't impossible to overlook that how to such a small space collecting them is considerable. In a photo pw church. św. of Jakub and so-called Mikołaj pofranciszkański. Construction of the church belonging to Franciscans was begun in 1326 and she lasted almost 100 years.  A slender, octagonal belfry is a characteristic element for heights 54.5 m.  In the interior it didn't behave a lot from his rich equipment, and to watch them it is possible only during mass.
Water tower by the Dominican street. Pw church. św. of Piotr and Paweł (podominikański).  His construction started at the beginning XIII in. after arriving dominikan to Chełmno and lasted almost one hundred years. In 1829 they made the dissolution of the monastery and the church was handed over to the evangelical local government.  Then a majority of equipping the interior was also removed. Fortunately a beautiful late Baroque high altar behaved from the XVIII century... also wooden ...jak rococo choir stalls in the chancel.
Witraz above the main portal. The church was on the list of objects whom the project is embracing Revitalization of monuments of the architecture of the city of Chełmno. In the street Station the ace in front of the Grudziądz Gate is Office of the City. Grudziądz gate called also a Goal, former main with gate to the city.  Before her a moat was situated and entry enabled the drawbridge. In 1694 a Renaissance chapel was built on and thanks to that the Goal avoided in XIX in. demolitions what became around five other gates unfortunately. We are following the Grudziądz street to the central place in the city - of market.  It is possible here to watch a few nicely restored kamiennic.
The Chełmno market constitutes the rectangular square about the area 1.5 ha (111 x 156 m). Unfortunately few tracks, but a kamiennice built mainly in the 19th century remained from the Gothic building development constitute the quite interesting cover of this sizeable square. Such decorative elements are always welcome. In the end, so to speak to the dessert let us probably examine the most obfotografowany object of Chełmno - town hall.  He is one of the most treasured monuments of the Polish Renaissance. The XIII age built in the end, 1567 was left enlarged and converted in years - 1572.
Today a Museum of the Chełmno Earth is located in a town hall.  Every day at the noon it is possible to listen to the bugle call from the tower, of whom the melody is based on the song the Vistula, incurred in 1863. We are leaving this interesting medieval city whom monuments are finding oneself on the European Trail of the Brick Gothic style.  It is a tourist route spreading above 30 cities around the Baltic Sea and certainly through Chełmno deservedly ranks among it.

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czupur użytkownik czupur(posts:303) dodano 02.11.2012 18:21

wmp 57 -miło mi,być inspiracją dla takiego Obieżyświata to zaszczyt.Sam też zaglądam do starszych galerii,tych zapomnianych :-)

wmp57 użytkownik wmp57(posts:2260) dodano 24.10.2012 18:52

Ta właśnie Twoja galeria zainspirowała mnie do odwiedzebnia Chełmna i dodania swojej, trzeciej na portalu, galerii z tego uroczego miasta.

magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 02.11.2011 21:38

Ładny rynek:)

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 22.01.2009 17:56

Piękna galeria. Moja lista miejsc do odwiedzenia wydłuża się. Pozdrawiam

futermama użytkownik futermama(posts:38) dodano 30.12.2008 00:21

To miasto tez pięknie pokazałeś. Ja mam ochotę na śnieżny plener w Chełmnie, tylko nie wiem czy tej zimy doczekam się śniegu...

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 29.11.2008 14:53

Zachęciłeś i to jak ! Pozdrawiam

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 28.11.2008 23:06

aaaa...magg- mnie 15 przypomina Paczków

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 28.11.2008 23:05

wow! super galeria - nigdy nie byłam w tym miejscu - dzięki za przybliżenie Chełmna, no to teraz może kiedyś zahaczę o te strony...:)

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 28.11.2008 09:52

Ładne miasto i ciekawie pokazane. Nigdy tu nie dotarłem, więc z tym większym zaiteresowaniem zwiedzałem je z tobą. Pogodę też trafiłeś całkiem przyzwoitą. Do całości nie pasuje mi tylko 25. Pozdrawiam.

maniana użytkownik maniana(posts:265) dodano 28.11.2008 09:50

Pięknie pokazane. Bardzo efektowne zdjęcia. Aż odczuwam te jesienne promyki słońca i rześkie powietrze:)

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 27.11.2008 23:19

Poniższe komentarze wszystko oddaja tak jak myśle, a więc tylko adekwatna ocena .Szacuneczek !

beem użytkownik beem(posts:182) dodano 27.11.2008 21:39

Chełmno to "Miasto Zakochanych" nazywane tak ze względu na znajdujące się relikwie św. Walentego w tym uroczym miasteczku, miło było pospacerować, tym bardziej, że spaceruję po zaułkach z Tobą po wielu, wielu latach... od ostatniej bytności...

magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 27.11.2008 21:32

Byłem w Chełmnie 3 lata temu i najbardziej zapamiętałem miejsce które jest na zdj.15. (trochę jakby Francja)
Miasto ładnie się prezentuje z daleka ,bo jest na wzgórzu.(podobnie jak Sandomierz)

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