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We are starting our trip in Mirowie.  Lock Mirowski was uplifted too of times of Great Kazimierz (the XIV age), on the spot of earlier castle. At first as the single-storey building walled in defensive, belonging to the family of Foxes In 1489 r. the lock was purchased by the famous family Myszków h.  To Jastrzębiec, who in 2 for the XV half in. or at the beginning of XVI in. from the eastern side they added the rectangular residential tower to castle rock from the stone about five storeys covered with wooden ceilings and they increased the building of the castle by two floors. Growing in the vicinity the wild roses are slowly starting the castle to wither. And here something probably ate them. The lock gradually stopped fulfilling contemporary standards of the refined ancestral residence in the connection with what in 1581 r. Cracow bishop Myszków Piotr moved the registered office to Książa of Large k.  Pińczowa, but the lock in Mirowie leased to certain Nyczowi. After becoming dilapidated by Swedes in 1657 the castle partly was rebuilt, but c 1787 entirely was left.
In consecutive years the castle systematically was pulled down by country dwellers, and his particles served for construction of houses and the road.  The next drama happened in 1937, when a south-west wall of the rectangular tower collapsed. At present the lock belongs to the Laseckich family.  For some time the lock was enclosed and they last protecting works. This way so it is possible to examine him only from the outside. As befits the neat castle has his legend.  
In former centuries nearby Bobolice and of Esteems were a property of two brothers. Brothers were so similar to oneself that the service could not distinguish them. They lived both comfortably, collecting in the underground tunnel, linking both locks, gems brought from war expeditions. A cruel witch guarded them about red eyes and evil spirit conscripted into the malicious dog. Here one day one of brothers brought the comely captive woman with whom he fell in love at first sight from the war expedition second from brothers.  The envious soldier threw the beautiful young girl into a dungeon up to the supervision for the witch. Second from brothers took pity on the adversity of the poor captive woman and when the witch left to Bald Mountain, entered subways in order to comfort the unhappy woman. Envious brother having heard whirring of the dog, ran made mad into dungeons with the bared sword. When he saw the lover in assumptions of the brother, composed with devilish envy, with one blow of the sword killed him. After this crime he could not however drown pricks of conscience out.  Fratricide rested with him as the curse. When he tried with alcoholic beverage to drown pricks of conscience out, a storm broke out and only lightning which broke free from tumbling clouds paralysed it mortally. The lovely captive woman stayed in dungeons, where still for her the witch, scaring everyone off is guarding the daredevil who would like to free the poor girl.
Surroundings of the castle are very beautiful.  It is possible to admire superb views from here to Mirowskie Rocks.
Beautiful landscape, with calcareous inselbergs and the nature in autumn colours. The last glance on of Esteems, before we will go to the more further walk toward the castle in Bobolicach. We are going along the footpath meandering amongst limestones, junipers and the wild roses. Of the ones last there is a plenty here. Fruits of the rose are beautifying surroundings with their expressive colours. Into an autumn sunny day it is possible long to relish admiring this charming place.
Calcareous inselbergs are trying to hide themselves between trees, but still he is eating I spied each other. The last small sheets are holding together with the last reserves of energy and are waiting to a greater puff of wind to finish one's being. It is a probably growing juniper.  For him autumn I don't think so dangerous. Next white rock - indeed characteristic element of the local landscape. Bushes with fruits are longing for the blackthorn bush quite appetizing. Time a bit up, then a little bit into the bottom.  There is no what to count on the climbing. Such a slight relaxing walk.
By it it is possible to focus the entire attention on admiring the nature. It is what for to look. Fruits a little bit dried.  There will be a great snack for birds how a winter will appear. We finally reached the place from whom the beautiful panorama at the destination of our walk stretches - lock in Bobolicach. For a few years a reconstruction of this castle started (Laseckich family).  One can see considerable progress. The clique of years ago she was still it is a complete wreck, into standing probably much worse like in Mirowie. Colour small sheets in thickets
And quite a lot of fallen leaves in the beech forest. And we are already reaching very castle. The castle was made on the recommendation of Kazimierz's king Large about poł.  XIV in., perhaps on the spot of little lock of robbers. As can be seen firmly he is resting on calcareous rock. In 1370 r. lock together with the earth wieluńską and with locks of Esteems and Olsztyn was given back into the fiefdom by the king of Ludwik Węgierski for one's nephew for prince for Władysław Opolczykowi.  The Opolczyka army practised numerous armed robberies robbing travelling merchants, in every in the l. 1391 - 1396 Władysław Jagiello ran by force of arms and he got the lock and surroundings back including them in the Crown lands. In 1486 r. from royal hands to the property of the family a Krezów of the coat of arms is passing the castle Anchor.  In 1625 he went into the possession Myszków around Mirowa h. To Jastrzębiec, and in 1651 purchased it Męcińscy. In 1657 r. Swedes destroyed the castle, and in 1661 he was left left, next partly rebuilt.
Visible above the gate coat of arms Dołęga. From surroundings of the castle of Bobolicki the outlook is also not worse. In 1683 r. king III Jan Sobieski going around Wilanowa through Częstochowa to Cracow, places of the concentration of the Polish army before setting off for the rescue for Vienna, however a lock already then stayed in Bobolicach was enough destroyed the king stayed overnight in the tent beneath the castle. In spite of lasting works the castle is being opened as far as possible for touring by tourists.  I unfortunately found him locked and bolted. Coming back it isn't possible directly to resist these autumn pictures. For me especially passionate colours of beeches are bewitching.

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kabaczek użytkownik kabaczek(posts:1076) dodano 24.11.2008 13:35

Oglądając te zdjęcia żałowałem, że mnie tam nie ma. Dodatkowym plusem galerii są wyczerpujące wiadomości o zamkach. Pozdrawiam.

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 24.11.2008 07:35

Bardzo ładna galeria a te " przerywniki " - dzikie róże, jałowiec, krzewy tarniny z owocami... nadają jej dodatkowego uroku :-) Pozdrawiam

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