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Going from Eupatorii to Bakczesaraju we had less or more interesting images behind windows of the coach. In the distance this Bakczesaraj-wyglądało is appearing brdzo curiously. - but very city didn't do the great impression on me.
Sad, planned or shamed? At times it resembled streets of cities in Bulgaria. Large Chański/Bijuk-chan-dżami/zbudowany Mosque in years 1736 - 1740 wg. of the Omera project - of brilliant author coming from Persji.Jest it is the most important Muslim church on the Crimea.  Bakczesaraj in times of the Crimean war together with the Palace of Khans constituted the huge field hospital for wounded Russian soldiers.
In spite of building the station on the Charków-Sewastopol/ 1874 railway line / the city didn't change its craft-merchant capacity. Bakczesaraj belonged to Russia in years 1920 - 1954, and from 1954 together with the entire Crimea was included in Ukrainian SRR. Palace, called by Tartars the Chan-saraj, belongs to the biggest tourist attractions of the peninsula. A current appearance of complex is an effect of the reconstruction in 1736 for setting fire to r.po cities by Russian soldiers.
Probably a bit for myself I had to rest..... Of course - it is obvious that he had to appear. Beautiful water fountain whom the Tartar name means the Heavenly Żródło is next Omara.Nawi work ązuje she up to the money order of the Koran about żródle who in the paradise will give to drink to killeds behind comrades. the fountain is standing in the current place from 1787 r.wcze śniej was, wedł. of one of versions by the Diljary Bikecz/Przepięknej mausoleum of the Princess/beloved wife last ChanaKrymu-Gireja.
History of Diljany Bikecz, the Greek woman or also Pole/Maria Potocka/which willingly guides showing around the palace are talking, she is vague and there is no explicit confirmation in zródlach. j.w
Name, under whom the fountain is known on in one piece a wymyślila is probably shining the Pole, Zofia Kisielewa/z of the house Potocka/describing the monument in romantic rapture for Pushkin as la fontaine desec. larmes. The wife of the Khan is sitting down in the Diljary Bikecz mausoleum from 1764 r.-na midnight from palacu. They brought the additional fame to the city 2 the poeci-Puszkin great and Mickiewicz who included the Bakczesaraju description in one's works. Admittedly Pushkin stayed the only 1 day supposedly what isn't changing the fact that thanks to him the city won renown in entire Russia.
The one has very interesting eyes. Graveyard who still is in the repair. He seems very beautiful, but photographs are being done behind bars i.e. behind the gate. Bakczesaraj - rzegna of us west sun/so like at Witoldsona/

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magdar użytkownik magdar(posts:3155) dodano 11.11.2011 14:44

Mam nadzieje że kiedyś też zwiedzę Krym :)

dispar użytkownik dispar(posts:5297) dodano 13.10.2010 19:02

Witoldston- naucz się pisać "żegna" (powołują się tu na Ciebie). Średnia ocen prawie 8. Dziwne. Antyreklama Bakczysaraju. Żeby nie było, że tylko krytykuję, biorę się do roboty.

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 03.04.2009 23:31

Byłam tu w 1995 roku, z wielkim zainteresowaniem obejrzałam Twoja galerię. Pozdrawiam

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