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Michalska Gate One-man band Ryneek and the town hall kanalarz Słowacki National Theatre ((Slovenskie Narodne Divadlo) on the Hviezdoslavovo Namestie promenade By the Św cathedral. are finding Marcin oneself a few XVII-cznych of buildings, of whom empty windows were camouflaged with different colourful pictures
Hrad Jewish street Ufo - built this bridge some 30 years.  Put into operation a few years ago but looks like from the previous age. Departure to the top of 200 crowns. Quite expensively, I wasn't. A view from the castle on the city, the highest tower are a Św cathedral. of Marcin View from the Gate of MIchalska to streets Michalska - main streets of the old town
View from the Gate of Michalska to Hrad

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