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map of our route By 170 km from Marakeshu one of the prettiest waterfalls of Morocco, Cascades d lie  Ouzoud. 
Water is falling off the height of 110 m in three principal streams between groves of olives, cultivated in these surroundings.
along a path it is possible to go down the left side of the waterfall with detour, better view from a distance, to very bottom and to come back up along a path on the right, leading right next to falling water. at this path shops are gathering the napojowo-pamiątkowe and small restaurants, where it is possible to have a quick snack by the table, listening intently to the noise of falling water. Demnate surroundings, where in the standard red landscape, on field, on whom it isn't obvious what grows, where from thousands of years for cuts people are going, on this plate of fossilized mud tracks of the three-toed dinosaur became established the authenticity of this find was confirmed by British scientists a few years ago. 
The place is nothing marked, best to ask some native for indicating the place. There is this precisely 7 km from the bridge, above the canyon, in Demnate, with road in trick.
Todra Gorge, the river broke through 300 m cliff of High piles of the Atlas.  Place of the start of many routes trekingowych all over surroundings.
a bit of an untypical residence in the standard landscape of more and more desert-like world For Ait Benhaddou, including the place Lawrence from Arabia, Jesus from Nazaretu, recently Gladiator.  Swimming money behind films is visible in restored wonderful exotic kazbie,
and visible in expectations of self-appointed guides or entrance tickets. So it didn't appeal to us we didn't stop here for a long time.
more and more desert-like surroundings of so meeting with animals constitute impulse to the disruption of the monotonous travel in heat. the green belt clearly is showing the channel of the river  road along the Antyatlasu strip and then again roadside camel, astounding nowhere one can see no homestead, or the herdsman, or the owner, because somehow I don't believe in wild camels
until the horizon, very stones   hamada - rocky desert AntyAtlas in the background,.... of stones to throwing - to choose from, to the colour... The oasis disappeared in the hole in the earth  and suddenly, in the centre of the desert water is gushing out, non-stop he is swimming somewhere between stones, some tube well or what??... there are around so many kilometres of nothing thorny... hamada   Staś probably used this bush, when he built zeribę for Nel and animals
fates morgana . probably other place and other colours Erfoud surroundings, very much it is hard here to defend itself against guides forcing themselves.  At some point it I was already almost determined to take one thing and to fire him from the car a few kilometres farther on the desert. But so I was more stubborn than they did such excesses without. we left by sense (they are hiding even traffic signs!) with abbreviation on Merzouge, and after a dozen or so kilometres we met Frenchmen coming back with motors. It turned out that this shortcut was passable only for vehicles 4 x 4, that is certainly not for Fiat. So we came back to a main road. and other erg, . Sahara.. 
the camel is waiting for tourists to transport them to the Berber camp
 Sahara  Chebbi Erg passive waiting for the sunset dynamic expectation of the sunset with hours it is possible to observe sand running through . and in the end .. sunset

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Pustynna przygoda - Erg Chebbi
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Maroko - Erg Chebbi
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Erg Chebbi o wschodzie słońca.
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MAROKO - Magia Sahary
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Maroko cz.  8 - Erg Chebbi.
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comments to the gallery (13):

irena2005n użytkownik irena2005n(posts:3033) dodano 18.02.2014 23:53

super...pustynia piękna...

agata_checktravel użytkownik agata_checktravel(posts:107) dodano 14.02.2011 10:53

No ale wydmy są śliczne, mój typ 27.

watcher użytkownik watcher(posts:1927) dodano 10.10.2010 12:47

... dluzsza lufa ( 18-200 polecam ) albo dlugi kij i przeganiac towarzystwo.
Moglo byc tak pieknie.

dispar użytkownik dispar(posts:5390) dodano 10.10.2010 12:42

Fajne wydmy. Zwabiony zostałem tu wysoką średnią oceną. Niestety rozczarowanie. Albo słabo z kadrowaniem, albo te osoby na fotkach były aż tak złośliwe i wpychały się specjalnie. 2-rarytas? Pozdrawiam.

raptorek użytkownik raptorek(posts:350) dodano 06.09.2010 12:55

Ale miodzio piaseczek... ech a wakacje i słoneczko to już niemal historia :(

janus użytkownik janus(posts:13) dodano 28.01.2010 11:44

numer 2 to rarytas.

walczis użytkownik walczis(posts:127) dodano 07.11.2009 16:49

robi się gorąco patrząc na ciepły kolor Sahary

oli użytkownik oli(posts:144) dodano 31.10.2009 09:40

fantastyczna końcówka .. zdjęcia 24-30 jakby z bajki wycięte;)

alex użytkownik alex(posts:78) dodano 28.05.2009 23:26

przepiękne miejsce i ciekawa galeria

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 30.10.2008 15:10

Prace nad filmem rozpoczynam [mam nadzieję na aktywny udział I z DIL w przygotowaniu ścieżki dźwiękowej -;) ]
Nie wiem kiedy będzie gotowy.

pedro1912 użytkownik pedro1912(posts:476) dodano 30.10.2008 14:57

filmdil - kiedy to ja czekam na twoj film, wiem ze jest to czasochlonne
ale napewno nie dlugo sie doczekam. przy logowaniu sie na strone
pierwsze co widze to....mamy 65 filmow....wiec widze ze jeszcze nie dolozyles
bedziesz probowal z syntezerem glosu?

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 30.10.2008 14:47

Właśnie pustyni brakowało mi w programie naszego pobytu w Maroku.
Podobają mi się zwłaszcza 6 oraz 23-30.

Film też bedzie?


doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 30.10.2008 14:33

Pięknie, fot.26 jest super. Gratuluję wyprawy :-) Pozdrawiam

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