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The Kodeń for a few centuries belonged to one of branches of the family Sapiehów.  In Kodniu a fine legend is connected with the wonderful image. Prince called Mikołaj Sapieha Pious, began construction of the temple.  In the process of her construction he fell ill. Wife Anna persuaded the prince to the pilgrimage to Rome. After the audience with very Pope the prince miraculously recovered. However he fell into other trouble - in the papal chapel watched the famous image the Madonna de Guadelupe, and the zapałał to him with such sudden love decided to steal insults and to lead him out to Poland!  For this reason he was excommunicated by Urbana VIII. After a few years he got forgiving and allowing to keep the holy picture in Kodniu, where it is possible to admire him up till today. Built by religious Mikołaj Sapiehę Św church. Annas (from 1973 smaller basilica) is standing at kodeńskim of the market. Fictionalised version of the events associated with the history of Mikołaj Sapiehy Zofia Kossak-Szczucka presented in her book "blest fault". Figures in the altar are connected with the history of the image.  The Pope Great Grzegorz (it to appear in the altar on the left, around trójramiennym with cross) a Leandrowi Bp decided to give (it to appear behind the Pope with Great Grzegorz) beautiful character of the Mother of God. The bishop put her in the sanctuary in the Guadelupe town in Hiszpani. How the legend is announcing this figure was supposed to carve św. Łukasz Evangelist (it to appear on the right with the image of the Mother of God).
Supposedly in the VI century an Abp Augustine painted the image from Canterbury for the request of Grzegorz's Pope and as a copy of a statue of the Mother of God who was in his oratory.  The image remained in the papal chapel all the way to times of the Urbana Pope VIII, when in 1630 from Rome a prince stole it away Mikołaj Sapieha. For the participation of inhabitants in the January Formation, the tsar deprived Kodeń of a town charter.  The temple was exchanged for the Orthodox church, and the entire equipment was sent out to different distant places (the image found its way to Częstochowa) The greatest celebrations are held here during the Main church fete of the Diocesan NMP Assumption - 15 August. From the Św basilica. the avenue of several few hundred metres is leading Annas on nadbużańskie of the meadow, to the park surrounding remains of the ancient castle Sapiehów. Here a former Gothic castle Orthodox church built round about 1540, at present is an only fully kept building branch church dedicated św. of Ghost. It served as the castle chapel of an Orthodox church for needs as the family and the manor house.
The building was erected in the style gotycko-nadwiślańskim Access to the św church. of Ghost. After the left hand of the portal visible ancestral coat of arms Sapiehów. The inside of the church is rather severe. Copy of a painting of the Mother of God of Kodeńska. On walls it is possible to find tracks of old paintings.
Ancient basements of the castle of the family Sapiehów, they covered żelbetonową with plate, serving as the place of exercising Holy Masses during main diocesan church fetes. The Stations of the Cross with the original set of wooden sculptures of the authorship of Tadeusz Niewiadomski of White Of the Podlasie region. Originally sculptures stood outdoors, however recently the part of the Stations of the Cross was moved, to half open round brick turrets. The developed Stations of the Cross. Crucifying the Christ. The way of the cross is ending on the hill symbolizing the Golgotha, by the altar standing on his peak.
The XIX eternal fair chapel. Rock of the betrayal. Around the Calvary places in whom it is possible to fall into a reverie and to rest are stretching out.  Between trees rosary chapels are delirious. There is a Herbaceous garden of the Mother of God, called also a herbaceous maze on meadows. An entrance gate to the maze is two tablets with ten commandments, they are supposed to help to return to the primaeval harmony of the man with the nature and God. If we crossed some of these commandments, we are accessing it exactly for cleaning the fountain, where we are reading the inscription: clear me you from my sins and lower the stream of your favour on me.
Falling from above water is reminding us that real cleaning the man originates from God - from above. Chapel on meadows it so close for heart view. Contemporary sculptures connected with defeat in Chernobyl. Monument commemorating the twofold visit in this place of Jan of II Paweł. Kodeńska Orthodox church.

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mudir użytkownik mudir(posts:2) dodano 16.05.2010 22:46

Byłem, widziałem i z przyjemnością odświeżyłem sobie wspomnienia. Warto wspomnieć, że cała historia kradzieży tego cudownego obrazu jest pięknie opisana przez Zofię Kossak w książce "Błogosławiona wina".

margo użytkownik margo(posts:2557) dodano 03.11.2009 12:06

Byłam, widziałam i dlatego jeszcze z większą przyjemnością obejrzałam.
Figury z drogi krzyżowej rzeźbił wujek mojej znajomej i to ona namówiła mnie na wizytę w tym miejscu.
Pamiętam jeszcze ładny widok na przepływający obok Bug, ale opowieści o obrazie nie pamiętałam, mimo ze oczywiście słyszałam o niej.
Jednak dobrze, że są komentarze, bo z pamięcią coraz gorzej...

beem użytkownik beem(posts:182) dodano 28.10.2008 18:34

sama przyjemność, cóż dodawać...

dreptak użytkownik dreptak(posts:1519) dodano 26.10.2008 21:42

to ja poproszę teraz o: Białą Podlaską, Huszczę i okolice:)

filmdil użytkownik filmdil(posts:1408) dodano 25.10.2008 20:09

Zapewne następna galeria będzie : Leśna Podlaska ? A może Janów Podlaski?

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2759) dodano 25.10.2008 17:22

Ależ ten Sapiecha to musiał być spryciarz , taki wielki obraz wykraść z kaplicy papieskiej z Watykanu - to tylko musiało być cudownie :) a co do galerii to pięknie przedstawiona , wprawdzie odwiedziłem już to miejsce przed kilkunasty laty to teraz z za interesowaniem obejrzałem .

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