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In 1979 national park of the Lake plitwickie was entered on the world list of the legacy of the culture UNESCO.  The park is a phenomenon of the rocky hydrography. Lakes are well-known from their cascades of the calcareous tufa and his constant biodynamic process, in peculiar hydrological conditions. Queue of tourists into the cashier's office massacre.  We had entire happiness booked tickets already earlier. It is necessary still to plan the route.  That is from the shoe to very top then downward slope down with queue for accessing No. 2 but then walk for accessing No. 1. And szczeny fall now I already know why such a great round by the cashier's window.  Only a terribly strong sun blimey how here to do not burnt photes: ( Two groups of in terraces situated connected lakes are a centre-piece with numerous streams and waterfalls formed in rocks dolomitowych and calcareous.  Difference of the height between highest and with most low put containers is 135 m. Veliki Slap waterfall highest in the park of 78 m of the height.
Put lakes higher are bigger and they are in a valley built from dolomites, and luxuriant forest is covering their edges.  The lower group of lakes lies in the calcareous valley, and only rare thickets are surrounding her. The total area of lakes is c 2 km 2 what constitutes scarcely of 1 % area of the park. Opuntia.  Many unique plants were destroyed during the war in former Yugoslavia, because a front line went through the park. Veliki Slap fun with the longer exposure time:) Veliki Slap Fishes On the area of the park 20 caves of the karst origin are.
An entire area of the drainage area of lakes was protected in order not to allow for pollutant or no changes in their waters what is on karst areas unusually difficult.  Keeping the natural forest thatch whom he is sheltering from erosion was particularly important and simultaneously he is a natural condenser of water (he/she is drawing her during rains and he is giving back in periods to the drought) Inside of the cave
Next cave. Waterfall Milanovacki Other Milanovckego Slapu presentation Stop on the Kozjak lake. It is possible to sail across the biggest Kozjajk lake on barge about the electric propulsion.
Stop from the other side of the lake. Conditions ruling in the park in Plitwicach contributed also to the development of endemic species of living in centres and forming charming green cascades, alternating with cascades of waterfalls mosses.  Because these mosses are creating the summer camp on banks of lakes and streams - where waterfalls are coming into existence. Wolves, of a bear and rare otters are the most interesting animals being found in a park.  However ornithologists calculated 126 bird species here, from whom c 70 permanently is nesting within the limits of the Park. Veliki Prstavac waterfall
Veliki Prstavac from close up Appearing here is a natural curiosity of very beautiful orchis - of so-called common lady's slipper (Cypripedium calceolus) about large, yellow-brown flowers. Prstavac Mali Prstavac Mali The waterfall is doing Prstavac Mali impression.
Raczek of poor women:) It is possible here to see huge firs about the height of the over 50 m and the diameter 1.6 m.  Other appearing here species of trees it: the spruce, the pine normal a sessile oak, the hornbeam and the sycamore. After moreover above banks of lakes and streams picturesque willows, white poplars, not to say Italian clones grow. Without forests these unique lakes very much quickly would undergo erosion from the consideration to susceptible towards it base (dolomites and limestones).  Therefore as many as 75 % areas of the park are forests. Meadows and pastures belonging to dwellers of nearby villages are covering the rest.
On account of a big difference height (being an as many as 880 m) on the area of the park it is possible to find 11 types of all sorts forest communities.  Deciduous forests are dominating and mixt up, particularly beech-fir. Like well we are already going legs already for me fit into in du... On the return still eyeful to this wonder and the question............
what mushroom they there are going after hour 16 for won't see the entire beauty of the park. One of the first researchers of this natural phenomenon, Ivo Pevalek, already in 1937 r. said: Water, lakes, waterfalls and forests are „ everywhere, but Lakes plitwickie are only one .  You must see them!
I there at one time will certainly come back in autumn when the sun isn't so strong and the nature gains golden colours in order to revel then again with apparatus:)

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rob-iza użytkownik rob-iza(posts:3) dodano 26.01.2014 22:03

Super miejscówka ,wiele słyszałem o tym miejscu, po Twoich fotkach nie można sie tam nie wybrać .Małe pytanko ,czy jest opcja nurkowania w tych jeziorkach?

przemyslaw użytkownik przemyslaw(posts:6039) dodano 01.01.2013 16:46

Pięknie. Ja nie miałem tyle szczęścia będąc tam - lało...

figielek użytkownik figielek(posts:39) dodano 15.02.2010 21:43

bardzo ładna galeria, muszę koniecznie tam wrócić :-)

walczis użytkownik walczis(posts:127) dodano 22.11.2009 13:57

raj :]

moneeq użytkownik moneeq(posts:1090) dodano 01.11.2009 20:35

Piekna wyprawa...Gratuluje

labcio użytkownik labcio(posts:222) dodano 19.07.2009 23:20


offca użytkownik offca(posts:54) - User deleted dodano 18.06.2009 12:12

Byłam tam dawno dawno temu.... Rzeczywiście jest to jedno z niewielu miesc, które zapada na długo w pamięci....
Czekam na jesienną galerie z Plitvic :)

ilona użytkownik ilona(posts:9) dodano 10.05.2009 10:44

wspominam miło nasze wyprawy nad Jeziora Plitvickie....tam można się zakochać w widokach...co roku staramy sie w drodze powrotnej z urlopu odwiedzić to magiczne miejsce...Pozdrawiam:) Zdaje sie , ze mam podobne zdjęcia do Twoich...

camel17 użytkownik camel17(posts:98) dodano 15.12.2008 15:21

dokladnie jak z bajki ;)

magg użytkownik magg(posts:423) dodano 27.10.2008 21:55

Ten kolor wody jest niesamowity.Piękne miejsca .Jak z bajki

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 21.10.2008 20:50

knfred - dzięki za wskazówkę. Faktycznie u wmp57 jest cała galeria poświęcona temu pięknemu storczykowi.

chinka użytkownik chinka(posts:2) dodano 21.10.2008 13:20

Cudownie tam jest

knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 20.10.2008 21:34

Kto chce zobaczyć obuwika to zapraszam do galeri wmp57.

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 19.10.2008 20:57

Po takiej prezentacji, to przekonałeś mnie do odwiedzenia tego miejsca. Oczy wypatrywałem, ale tego storczyka - obuwika pospolitego, to nie dostrzegłem na twoich zdjęciach :( Pozdrawiam.

mocar użytkownik mocar(posts:2652) dodano 19.10.2008 16:58

Przepięknie to żeś przedstawił - Gratuluje !

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