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The XV-wieczny fort built by the Kait sultan of the Bey is standing out the most with it, that he is standing in the place of one of seven ancient Miracles of World - of lighthouse on Faros. Lamp post built for II Ptolemy in 279 of p.n.e year. had over 125 metres of the height and over 300 rooms for mechanics and the service. To today nobody knows how funcjonowałaed.  Earthquakes in the XIV century turned 1500 - summer lamp post into the ruin. Today it is possible here of better halves of the fish... ... the angler and his trophy. Tourist willingly visited place, so compulsory souvenirs... ... not a problem kupic the fragment of the coral reef, but the problem perhaps will appear in the process of her transport from Egypt.
In the sequence of 300 years from the coming into existence of the city in this place trade routes of entire contemporary world crossed, from China and from Great Britain.  A trade and a culture developed. Alexandrine, constituting library częśc of the centre of the learning, philosophy and the art familiar to the Museum, had gromadzic entire contemporary knowledge.  Thanks to her the city was pleased with a reputation "the most taught the city in world". Abu al-Abbasa al-Mursiego mosque from years 30 - of the ones of the 20th century, built on the place of the ancient mosque of immigrants from North Africa who worshipped here XIII-wiecznego saint from Andaluzji. Body saint is lying in the grave under one of high domes.  During holidays and during the Ramadan in the square in front of the mosque a fete is being organised, resembling with one's atmosphere fair. There is a plenty in the Alexandria underground przejśc and of rooms, belonging to catacombs, basements and who knows of what still.  At the beginning of the 20th century it happened, that the donkey suddenly had sunk up to the earth, the thanks what unusual Roman sepulchral complex was revealed from the II n.e century for. Unfortunately photographing inside catacombs is forbidden.  On zdj. - frag. of tomb.
30 - one-metre long Column of Pompejusz from red asuańskiego of granite crusaders erroneously recognised the Julius Caesar, the Roman leader of Pompejusz for marking the place in whom the rival was hidden, murdered in Egypt in 48 r.p.n.e. In fact the column was raised about 300 of year on cześc of Dioklecjan what the inscription carved on it is attesting to. In this place a sie found Serapeum at one time, that is the alexandrine acropolis, but the temple were devoted to Serapisowi tj for the god to whom the worship gave birth oneself exactly in the Alexandria. Nilometr indicating the Nilu level, by no means he didn't warn against the flood, but he allowed for the taxation of taxes.  Wysokośc she correlated crops with the Nilu level during his overflow. There is a time and for the courtship. Pagan objects of the worship of the alexandrine acropolis were a challenge for more and more numerous Christians and in 391 the crowd under the leadership of Teofil's patriarch changed the year Serapeum into ruins!
Tourists who are arriving at this place, must zadowolic oneself with the view of shattered columns, a few sphinxes from the time of Ptolemies and a few monuments from times of pharaohs... ... and oczywiscie with Column of Pompejusz. There were c 400 Roman theatres in the Alexandria at one time.  It only which was found in this city. He was discovered in 1964 by Polish archaeologists from the Arceologii Station of Mediterranean UW in Cairo. Excavations are being conducted still. One from Large well-deserved for Egypt.  I not have a clue how he is called.
Corniche boulevard. One is catching, second is eating systematically. What is there a relation between them? The new Alexandrine Library constitutes the hitting example of modern architecture, resembling the glory of ancient capital city Ptolemeuszów. It is largest and most modern library in the Arab world and thanks to her about the Alexandria then again was formed loud. Former Large Library, established in the III p.n.e century. was one thing from biggest osiągnięc of Alexandria.  She collected over half a million of texts.
According to the legend, the captain of every ship who put into port, had the duty przekazac all manuscripts to copying. Nobody knows how a destroyed Large Library stayed, but together with her a huge treasury of information vanished. Walls of the new library are decorated with huge letters, international symbols, hieroglyphs and symbols of alphabets well-known for everyone of world. In the end a few shutters from the ancient royal Muntazah residence. Whatever in this city I could see I photographed and later for you I described.  I apologise for the mess and I am thanking for attention.

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kwiatuszek użytkownik kwiatuszek(posts:130) dodano 14.10.2008 12:03

Super! Czekam na cz. III
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

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Piękna galeria i wspaniały komentarz! Pozdrawiam.

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Ciekawie pokazałeś to miasto. Chciałoby by się oglądać dalej, zwłaszcza z takim sympatycznym i ciekawie opowiadającym przewodnikiem. Pozdrawiam

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Tak.... :-) Pozdrawiam

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super komentarz i przede wszystkim szczery (nr 24) :)))

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