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Souvenir shops welcome us at wejsciu to the archaeological Jarash object Noon gate Noon gate At Hippodromie soldiers of Roman legions are waiting on visitors to invite them to one's display Trips very much willingly are taking pictures of themselves from zołnierzami legions The soldier of legions is resting before with "battle"
Roman armies are entering Hippodrom Battle formation "line" Battle formation "square" Battle formation "wheel" The biggest square in Jarash surrounded with colonnade Heads of columns to today are bewitching with ornaments
Columns a patrace is dumknying into the sky are reminding of the magnificence of this place Small poppies are adding lives of the ancient stronghold wystep of a military band in XiX dresses eternal on the South Amphitheatre South Amphitheatre from highest rzedów Panorama of the north Jarash part The city is literally adjoining to excavations, the jedynymm is a dividing element road leading from Amman
Legions, merchants and a migrating population arrived by this road to Jarash Temples are reminding of the diversity of worshipped deities Their amount for godlinesses of inhabitants 
and their splendour of the form for wealths of Jarash inhabitants Noon Jarash gate in the process of reconstruction A lot he is still for doing, it isn't only obvious whether he will suffice of original stone, like in most cases, local people very much in the past have often used the stone acquired from ruins for construction of homesteads
Jarash isn't only a main road directing from the north to this south also mass of side streets which crosses a main road crossing her where the life thumped We aren't alone!!!!! Fragments dug up and zrekonstruownych mozajek are portraying living from the age Inscriptions on columns adore the ones who contributed to the magnificence of the city

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beata-zbychu użytkownik beata-zbychu(posts:1002) dodano 30.11.2009 13:27

Bardzo ładna i ciekawie opisana galeria.

olazim użytkownik olazim(posts:2243) dodano 16.04.2009 20:23

Wszystko bardzo ciekawie przedstawione i opisane-pozdrawiam.

ryzykant użytkownik ryzykant(posts:145) dodano 03.10.2008 07:38

Ten legion to chyba z zaciągu bliskowschodniego :). Bardzo sympatyczna galeria. Pozdrawiam.

venturi użytkownik venturi(posts:16) dodano 03.10.2008 00:45

Dzięki za sympatyczne komentarze , zawsze miło posłuchać ciepłych słów , również i tych "pomocnych" - DORIS , szczególnie tych

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 02.10.2008 14:51

O teraz jest OK :-) Pozdrawiam

doris użytkownik doris(posts:744) dodano 02.10.2008 09:57

Ja bym poprawiła "coś" przy fotce 23....Ciekawe ujęcie na fot. 26 i to bardzo.Galeria przyjemna dla oka i " ucha" :- ) Pozdrawiam

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 02.10.2008 09:23

Jest na co popatrzeć a zwłaszcza ta musztra.Pozdrawiam

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