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bats in the XXL size colour of the one water to dream for me they will be ow will be will be there were a few monitor lizards, a chance meeting with them on an island to pleasant didn't belong steal the sunshine... from time to time only a junk appeared on the horizon
or dolphin, as this way as unfortunately on this blunt photograph - to the right one can see his fin it is possible here also to meet the shark, this removing from the aquarium by the bar on an island (at all in front of it mega with big aquarium - kilkanascie metrow szerokosc, a piano stood.....:)) but it is possible here to meet the shark also in the sea, contrary to appearances he isn't very dangerous to people excellent things our base it is a very young shark exactly in the sea! but he is so small that terribly he is afraid of a man
reef cd reef law as Polish still our party ended the beach is everywhering
ray, essentially she is dangerous how they accidentally above it will flow in perhaps to attack, I came across so diving, fortunately nothing happened, apart from the fact that she scared me moving as the rocket here we reached by motor boat, totally virgin island, tear of sand we fished so beautiful things out in order in a minute to throw them of course into water miraculous sunset on the high sea storm, from this photograph I am proud in the centre of the island small jungle
then again monitor lizard with one's disgusting tongue there is a mosque in the centre of the island, Indonesia is the biggest Muslim state of world, so for the service of the island a provided place of prayers must be

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knfred użytkownik knfred(posts:2455) dodano 02.10.2008 17:21

Taką piękną syrenę spowrotem do morza ?
Toć to grzech !

witoldson użytkownik witoldson(posts:72) dodano 01.10.2008 10:25

faktycznie, dzieki Jedrek za poprawke!

jedrek użytkownik jedrek(posts:327) dodano 01.10.2008 09:22

28 to jest murena.Pozdrawiam

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