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A huge lump of the stone castle, causing the incomprehensible and raw stronghold the impression is surpassing the city. A Museum of Tortures and the Execution is situated in underground corridors and sows
view on the Old Town
view on the Old Town view on the Old Town view on the Old Town view on an exclusive residential district
historic playground historic playground route along walls view on the Bastya street
view on the Old Town view on the Old Town view on the Old Town minaret minaret From walls fotecy a superb view stretches to the Old Town and najbardzej moved to the north in Europe minaret
view on the church view on the church  view on the church Bálint Balassi was the most outstanding literary individual of the Hungarian Renaissance, the most outstanding lyric poet of old-Hungarian twenty-four hours, the poet going in for also other fields with the good result artistic works, everything already consistently in the Magyar tongue (only entrusted the Latin sometimes with titles of poems).  The Balassiego poetry dates back with root of Hungarian medieval and early-Renaissance achievements. In addition however he/she is cheating on strong connections with the literature of contemporary Europe, and of the one centre-eastern, and of the one zachodnio-południowej, especially Italian. These two traditions, native and strange (the one second made rich still biblical and ancient), under the feather of the author given extraordinary talent resulted in the poetry who influenced more late shapes of the Hungarian lyric poetry. Various connections and analogies joined the writer of such a rank with Poland and with our literature
Balassi was born on 20 October 1554 in the magnate's, settled family in goods on former north Hungary bordering with Poland.  He took the first studies at home, under the eye of carefully selected moralizers. He continued them in Germany, m.in. in Nuernberg (1565). However source tracks of studios didn't behave whether even only of young Bálinta stay in Italy, in the Padua (she is turning up at his biography amongst not substantiated guesses). Soon however the fate was supposed to throw Balassiego for the first time to Poland.
In the standing in the courtyard Episcopal Palace around 1470 r. who is the oldest Gothic Egeru building, an exhibition devoted to the history of the fortification was organised

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comments to the gallery (2):

smorodina użytkownik smorodina(posts:78) dodano 28.10.2009 07:28

Byłem w Egerze przez 14 dni. Mam bardzo fajną kwaterę 10 min od Dobo ter, nad twierdzą. Bardzo mili i życzliwi ludzie. Podam link może ktoś skorzysta.
Proponuję odwiedzić Eger szalok( mnie zabrakło czasu) baseny termalne z naciekami wapiennymi podobnymi do tych w Turcji.

kryjan użytkownik kryjan(posts:416) dodano 27.10.2009 23:34

Szkoda, nie byliśmy tutaj, widzę że jeszcze raz muszę odwiedzić Eger. Serdecznie pozdrawiam

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